Forum Zukunftslabor Mobilität

Future of Urban Mobility Lecture Series, Part V:

„Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility and Transport: Current Insights from Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris"

Thursday, September 30, 2021
4:30 - 6:30 pm


Forum Zukunftslabor Mobilität

Future of Urban Mobility Lecture Series, Part V:

„Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility and Transport: Current Insights from Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris"

Thursday, September 30, 2021
4:30 - 6:30 pm


by DVZ & KLU

On Campus / Hybrid Event

KLU Campus / Online Streaming

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September 30 / 4:30 - 6:30 pm

How are Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris shaping the urban mobility of tomorrow? How can commercial transport and urban logistics function both efficiently and environmentally responsibly in a global megacity like Paris, with 11 million inhabitants? What can German metropolises like Hamburg learn from their European neighbors?
In the 5th installment of our series Future Lab Mobility Forum we venture beyond our borders one last time to take a closer look at the situation in Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris. How significant is the topic “urban mobility transformation” for our European neighbors? Who is driving it, and who are the most important proponents in politics and administration, the economy and society?

We will discuss these and other questions with:

  • Mrs. Lizann Tjon, Senior Program Manager of the Smart Mobility Program, City of Amsterdam
  • Mr. Martin Posset, Chief Innovation Officer (Innovation & Policy), thinkport VIENNA
  • Dr. Chloë Voisin-Bormuth, Director of Studies and Research, La Fabrique de la Cité, Paris

The 2020s are a decade marked by groundbreaking changes, especially in the area of urban mobility. In four previous installments of the Future Lab Mobility Forum, the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung and Kühne Logistics University, with the support of numerous experts from politics and research, business and professional associations, have shown how, across Germany, countless innovative projects are rethinking, planning, testing and restructuring the transport of persons and goods in urban areas.

With the 5th Forum and a focus on Europe, the series of public talks will end just in time for the ITS World Congress in Hamburg on October 11, 2021, which will address related topics.

Please join us one last time! 

Please note:

ZuLaMo V will be a live event held on the KLU Campus for up to 100 guests and will also be live streamed as a Zoom Webinar. 

For everyone who wants to join us on the KLU Campus on September 30, 2021: In accordance with current Hamburg regulations ("2G-Optionsmodell"), we only grant Campus access for those who are recovered or fully vaccinated. 

You can find our current hygiene policy for live events here: Hygiene Policy.


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Kühne Logistics University - KLU

Host Forum Zukunftslabor Mobilität

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DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung

Host Forum Zukunftslabor Mobilität

Program - Zulamo V

Event in English
4:30 pmWelcome & General Introduction  
  • Sebastian Reimann
    Editor-in-Chief, DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte
    President, KLU Kühne Logistics University
4:35 pmIntroduction of Guest Speakers  
  • Sebastian Reimann
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte
4:40 pmKeynote 1: 
  • SMART MOBILITY 2019 - 2025
    The Amsterdam Approach to shape mobility of the future
  • Mrs. Lizann Tjon
    Senior Program Manager of the Smart Mobility Program, City of Amsterdam
5:00 pmKeynote 2:
  • #shifthappens - the new understanding of logistics
  • Mr. Martin Posset
    Chief Innovation Officer (Innovation & Policy), thinkport VIENNA  
5:20 pmKeynote 3:
  • Title
  • Dr. Chloë Voisin-Bormuth
    Director of Studies and Research, La Fabrique de la Cité, Paris
5:40 pmPanel Discussion / Roundtable / Q & A 
  • Moderators & Keynote Speakers 
6:25 pmClosing Words 
  • Sebastian Reimann & Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte
6:30 pmNetworking  
  • All local participants


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Sebastian Reimann


DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung

Sebastian Reimann has been Editor-in-Chief of the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung (DVZ) in Hamburg since April 2019. The 44-year-old industry expert has been working for DVZ since 2005. He holds a degree in economics and studied at the Cologne School of Journalism for Politics and Economics. 

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte

President & Managing Director

Kühne Logistics University - KLU

Thomas Strothotte is a Canadian computer scientist and university administrator. He has been the President of the Kühne Logistics University since August, 2013 and was re-appointed for a second five-year term in 2018. 

After earning his “Habilitation” at the University of Stuttgart, he was a professor of computer science at the Free University of Berlin (1990 – 1993) and the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg (1993 – 2006), specializing in computer graphics and interactive systems. 

From 2006 until 2008 he was the Rector of the University of Rostock and from 2009 to 2013 he served as the Rector of the University of Regensburg. 

He is the principle founder of two private schools in Magdeburg: the Pierre Trudeau International Elementary School (in 2000) and the Pierre Trudeau International High School (in 2004).


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Lizann Tjon

Senior Program Manager of the Smart Mobility Program

City of Amsterdam

Lizann Tjon is the program manager smart mobility of the City of Amsterdam. Her professional career started at 2010 the City of Amsterdam, where she worked as strategic policy advisor for in the social department. In 2012, she switched to the Economic Department in the role of project manager, specifically to stimulate knowledge and innovation and enhance the role of the creative industries cluster and initiated several projects in public-private partnership. Currently she is responsible for innovation via the smart mobility program at the Chief Technology Office of Amsterdam.

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Martin Posset

Chief Innovation Officer (Innovation & Policy)

thinkport VIENNA

Copyright picture: M. Fellner

- Since 2021 Chairman of the working group "DESIA - Digital Development and Simulation for Automated Mobility of People and Goods" of the Austrian Transport Science Society (ÖVG).

- Since 2020 Founding member and board member of the association thinkport VIENNA - logistics innovations hub. Association for the promotion of innovations in logistics.

- Since 2017 co-developer and implementer of thinkport VIENNA - smart urban logistics lab.

- Since 2015 vice chairman of the working group "Combined Transport" of the Austrian Transport Science Society (ÖVG).

- Since 2015 Content leader and organizer of the "Forum Green Logistics" and "Forum Logistics Intelligence", Chairman of the external expert jury of the Pacemaker Award (

- Since 2012 external lecturer for "Intermodal Transport" at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, Institute for Production Management and Logistics.

- Since 2009 Senior Partner at h2 projekt.beratung KG in Vienna.

- In 2004 Martin Posset wrote his diploma thesis as part of a practice-oriented cooperation project with Car Rail Logistics GmbH at the University of Vienna.

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Dr. Chloë Voisin-Bormuth

Director of Studies and Research

La Fabrique de la Cité, Paris

Director of studies and research at La Fabrique de la Cité, Chloë Voisin-Bormuth has taught geography, urbanism, and cultural sociology in universities in France and Germany.

She then joined Lille’s Urban Planning Agency (Agence d’urbanisme de Lille), where she was in charge of the public spaces and heritage protection aspects of the Métropole de Lille’s territorial coherence program policy paper, strategic analysis of the Métropole’s major urban planning projects, and transversal reflections on new levers of territorial attractiveness (attractiveness strategies aimed at corporate actors, metropolitan tourism development strategies, and new modes of cooperation between private and public sectors).

The author of a dissertation on the creation of new public spaces in Dresden and Chemnitz, she is an expert on Germany, public space planning, European urbanism, and multi-scale territorial planning and development strategies.

A former student at the École Normale Supérieure, Chloë Voisin-Bormuth holds PhDs in geography and urban planning from the Université de Lyon and in sociology from the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany).


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Dr. Rupert Seuthe

Head of Corporate Relations/ Board Member KLU Foundation

Kühne Logistics University - KLU

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