KLU Student Ambassador Program

Who better to introduce future students the KLU experience, then current students? The KLU Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer program available to students who are interested in giving back to the KLU community, getting the most out of their university experience and enhancing the experience of others. Your support in our activities are greatly appreciated and we always try to make it enjoyable for you as well. Below you will see a list of potential activities, with a registration form at the bottom of the page.

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Nicole Martinetti

Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (BSc & Preparation Program)

Tasks & Responsibilities Student Recruitment

Open Days are our most important initiative to externally portray KLU. We require support to help with registration, Campus Tours, general enquiries, set up and take down. For Open Days you will receive a coveted red KLU shirt, and food is always provided. There is always an intro meeting before Open Days to give you the full scope of the event, and important information.

Your role is to host prospective students during your class. Classes/dates/times are all coordinated by Student Recruitment with your professor, you will simply be the friendly face that helps them feel welcome in your class for the day. Following the lecture, you can get a coffee/snack with the student at the Café (courtesy of KLU).

Either during a pre-arranged event or spontaneously when booked in advance, you will show the student around campus while sharing your personal experience. We may provide specific points or areas to cover.

This is either when High schools or Universities visit KLU or when we are asked to visit a school. Your role would be to help host the group and share the student experience (both BSc/MSc are welcome depending on the groups)

Any type of event happening on campus outside of Buddy Days, School Visits and the Open Day. Sometimes spontaneous events come up throughout the year and we need support (Bootcamp, Start-up day, Professional Day, delegate visits, etc.).

This is often around Germany, sometimes in Europe, or potentially during your study abroad. You will be with a recruiter at a booth representing KLU and will share your experience with prospective students and families.

Represent KLU as a face on the Ask a Student page. Prospective students can fill out a request, and it will be sent to your official KLU email address. We get a copy of it (this helps us check quality and quantity, advise you, if the same email was sent to 5 people of you at the same time etc.). We are always readily on hand to assist you if you need help in answering the questions. We look for diversity with this page.

We are always looking for some extra support in the office! Printing nametags, calling applicants, packing/unpacking boxes, preparing thank you bags/gifts, etc if you willing to offer some office support, let us know!

Tasks & Responsibilities Marketing/ Social Media

Don’t miss out, spread the word about KLU!

Eager to show others what life at KLU is about? How about a KLU Instagram take-over? Click here or here or here to see some past student posts!

There’s always something going on at KLU and we communicate on many platforms. Make sure not to miss any news and feel free to share using #myklu so we can catch up with your posts.

We are flexible with what and how often you write, any study program is invited! If you love to communicate in writing, have an idea for a blog, another format we want to hear from you! Our last blogger, Mulan just graduated, and we are looking for someone new. Check out her latest post. These blogs have helped others in the past to enroll at KLU!

Have a look at our marketing material, the student pictures on our websites and the brochures! These are all KLU students and you could be one of them. Video shoots are also fun! Take a look here or here or watch our great take out video again!

Your opinion counts!

If you are happy with KLU why not let others know? Share your KLU Experience:

Share your thoughts regarding certain aspects of your studies at KLU. Testimonials show up in our brochures, online, and in articles sometimes.

Please note that all activities are voluntary, so even if you sign up now and decide later you are not interested or are unavailable, you can always sign out. We do not expect you to do everything, but appreciate what you do.

Rewards & Benefits

  • Receive valuable leadership skills and experiences to build your resume
  • Increase your network of friends and connections on campus.
  • Make a difference on campus and in the lives of students.
  • Upon successful participation in the program, earn a valuable reference from us for other leadership positions on campus, in the community, or for a scholarship.

Student Recruitment Tasks & Initiatives

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Nicole Martinetti

Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (BSc & Preparation Program)

Marketing/ Social Media Tasks & Initiatives

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Susann Linke

Marketing Manager

Tel: +49 40 328707-150
Fax: +49 40 328707-109

I Want to Become a KLU Ambassador

Send us a short note to show your interest in volunteering as an Ambassador to KLU. We will subsequently send you a short survey where you can checkmark which task and initiatives you would like to support.