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Sara Maradey and Natalia Kapranchik, KLU almuna, Master in Global Logistics

Equality and Diversity Office

One of the objectives of the KLU is to establish itself as an international institution of the highest calibre. Such international aspirations of the KLU benefit from a proactive approach towards equality and diversity so that students, staff and faculty, can develop to the best of their abilities. Since the KLU is a new institution and is planned to grow rapidly both in terms of faculty, staff and students there is a great opportunity to build a strong institution from the start.

A strong KLU is a place where:

  • Students, faculty and staff are at the centre of the university and are encouraged to learn and develop to the best of their abilities; 
  • They are respected independently of their gender or gender identity, ethnic and cultural background, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age or socio-economic conditions;
  • They are given equal opportunities to build on their individual competences and skills; 
  • They feel part of a community;
  • Their differences are embraced as a source of mutual enrichment and not as a barrier for development;
  • They learn from each other.

A strong KLU is also a place where students learn about the challenges of working in a globalised world. The logistics industry operates often at a global level and the awareness of the importance of cultural diversity is an important skill. Students work together and in this way they are taught how to deal with diversity among peers and in working relations.  

A strong KLU is also a place where staff and faculty members feel they are treated with dignity, are respected in their individuality and their privacy, are encouraged to express their differences and efforts are made to integrate people into the KLU community independently of their nationality, their native language, their position and title, their gender or gender identity, ethnic and cultural background, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age or socio-economic conditions.

To this end since 2014 the KLU has created an Equality and Diversity Office (EDO). The objectives of the EDO is to increase awareness on equality and diversity matters at the KLU by fostering the dialogue on these issues among staff, faculty and students. The EDO will also provide informal advice to the university administration and student services on issues related to equality and diversity and if requested will participate as an observer in any meeting, committee or activity as deemed appropriate by the relevant decision body, e.g. the President, Executive Board, Student Bodies, etc.

The EDO meets on the premises of the university every three weeks and has activated an email to deal with (anonymous) complaints and suggestions. Please contact us if you are interested in the EDO activities. Although the EDO operates collaboratively with a Committee, its representative is at the moment Michele Acciaro. Members of the Committee are:

  • Anja Meyer;
  • Maria Besiou;
  • Holly Fulkerson;
  • Jana Grüber;
  • Vasileios Kosmas;
  • Laura Turrini.

You can contact the mebers of the Committee individually or write to EDO at edo(at)the-klu.org. You can request that your case is dealt with confidentiality.