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Professor Maria Besiou, Associate Professor of Humanitarian Logistics

Selected Presentations

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

Understanding Fundraising in Humanitarian Supply Chains. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, December 2014; University of Bath, Bath, January 2015; WU, Vienna, April 2015; McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University, Chicago, November 2015

Same Ball, Different Game?: Academic Thoughts on Humanitarian Logistics vs Commercial Logistics, Plenary Session. 8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 2013

Maritime Logistics in Africa: Humanitarian and Development Perspectives, Plenary Session. 3rd African Logistics Conference, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, November 2013

Vehicle Supply Chains in the Humanitarian Sector: A System Dynamics Analysis. BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, August 2013

The Effect of Earmarked Funding on Fleet Management for Relief and Development. ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens, Greece, May, 2012

Decentralisation and Earmarked Funding in Humanitarian Logistics for Relief and Development. POMS Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, April 2012. Best Paper Award
Enablers and Barriers for Producer Responsibility. POMS Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, April 2012
Introduction to System Dynamics. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, April 2012
Formal Waste Recovery Systems and Scavengers: Symbiotic or Conflicting? INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte, USA, November 2011

Decentralization and Equity/Efficiency Tradeoffs in Humanitarian Operations: Fleet Management Systems. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, August 2011
Decentralisation and Trade-Offs of Equity and Efficiency in Humanitarian Fleet Management Systems. INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte, USA, November 2011; POMS Annual Meeting, Reno, USA, April 2011
A Crowd of Watchdogs: Toward a System Dynamics Model of Media Response to Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility Initiatives. Social Media for Social Purposes Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2011
Choosing the Right Stage in a Production Process to Implement Quality Control, Using System Dynamics. Conference "Standardization, Protypes and Quality: A Means of Balkan Countries’ Collaboration", Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2009
Green WEEE Closed-Loop Supply Chains: Critical Factors of their Environmental and Economical Sustainability. Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2009
The Importance of Feedback Loops Designing Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development, Plenary Session. Annual International Conference of The System Dynamics Society, Athens, Greece, July 2008
Critical Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Electrical Equipment Closed-Loop Supply Chains. INFORMS Annual Meeting, Washington, USA, October 2008
Alternative Actions for Sustainability in a WEEE Closed-Loop Supply Chain in Greece. Annual EURO, Bonn, Germany, July 2009

Invited Practitioner Conference Presentations

Vehicle Supply Chains of Humanitarian Organizations: Decentralization and Earmarked Funding. Fleet Forum Annual Conference. Dubai, March 2013

Humanitarian Fleet Management - Finding Solutions with System Dynamics. Fleet Forum Annual Conference. Fontainebleau, France, March 2010