Marketing and Sales | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Marketing and Sales

Target Group: 

  • Mid- and senior-level executives
  • Finance, sales, and planning executives
  • Product managers

Program Duration: 3 - 5 days

Method: Interactive lectures and case study work

Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin and Prof. Dr. Christian Barrot

Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


  • How to identify the key decision makers within target accounts for the solution being sold
  • How to build relationships with these stakeholders to ensure that the solution will be considered
  • How to identify areas within the client organization that are opportunities for solutions that you can deliver
  • How to map these opportunities into structured solutions that maximize the value for both organizations
  • How to explain the developed solution in a convincing manner through proposals
  • How to position the proposed solution against the competition
  • How to ultimately close the sale 


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the attendees to the current state-of-the-art in complex solutions selling and business development. Attendees will exposed to relevant research, practical frameworks, and modern examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of specific approaches and the problems with historical approaches. Further, a closing session may be added which focuses on developing the presentation skills of the attendees so that they can effectively communicate with customers whether in oral discussions or more formal presentation settings.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

Workshop attendees will leave the workshop with knowledge of appropriate approaches to take when identifying accounts and opportunities, developing and positioning solutions, and closing solutions sales, as well as how to present themselves, their company and their solutions effectively.