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Professor Björn Michaelis, Adjunct Professor of Management and Organisation

Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

Adjunct Professor of Management and Organization

Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis is Adjunct Professor of Management and Organization at Kühne Logistics University (KLU). Before coming to KLU Professor Michaelis was a post-doc researcher and Habilitand at the UBS-Endowed Professorship for Strategic Management at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. At the Goethe University Frankfurt he received his post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) and was granted the "venia legendi" in Business Administration (2011-2015). Moreover, Professor Michaelis was an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior (2009-2011) and a Research Associate and doctoral student (2006-2009) at Heidelberg University, Germany. Gaining experience abroad he was a Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of Business in Fontainebleau (France). Professor Michaelis research interests include corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures and strategic alliances, strategic human resource management, and leadership.

Professor Michaelis has taught in diverse strategy, management, and leadership classes in bachelor, master, and executive education programs in various institutions. He served as the Program Director of China Development Bank’s (CDB) executive education program in “Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership” and taught in the CDB “Strategic Management for Financial Groups” program “ at Goethe Business School, Frankfurt. Professor Michaelis also serves as a lecturer in the executive education program on “Micro and SME Banking” and taught “Learning to Lead for New Leaders” and “Leading for Results” as well as in the Master’s Program in Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Bankakademie HFB). Moreover, Professor Michaelis taught several bachelor’s and master’s level courses on strategy and global strategy, organization, and management at the Kühne Logistics University, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the University of Heidelberg, and the European Business School (EBS).

Putting Professor Michaelis’ knowledge into practice, he advises firms in various industries on strategy, management, and leadership issues. He gained business experience, for example, in corporate strategy with Daimler AG in Stuttgart, in strategic human resource management with DaimlerChrylser Japan Holding, Ltd. in Tokyo, and in executive search and selection with Kienbaum Executive Consultants in Gummersbach.


Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

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