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Michele Acciaro, Assistant Professor of Maritime Logistics

Teaching at KLU

Managerial Economics (MSc)

The course Managerial Economics aims at enabling students to use economic thinking in their decision-making processes. This is done by introducing key economic concepts and allowing students to discuss and reason using them in practical situations. During the course students will become familiar with the analytical formulation of economic problems and learn how to use economic analysis in relation to a business problem. Particular attention will be given to the application of economics to the area of transportation, with examples taken from maritime, rail and road transport. The course will deal with the foundations of industrial organisation, highlighting the differences between market structures (monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition) both for firms and consumers. Classical oligopoly models (e.g. Cournot, Bertrand and Stackelberg) will be also discussed as well as applications of game theory and principal-agent models.

Maritime Logistics (MSc)

The Maritime Logistics course examines the latest developments, knowledge and practices related to shipping and ports as part of global supply chains. Starting with the importance of shipping for international trade and the challenges of intermodal freight transport, students will learn about the methods and theories used to analyse the shipping, port and terminal industries. Strategic and operational considerations will be discussed and students will be able to apply analytical models and techniques to some of the problems encountered in the maritime industry, such as empty container repositioning, shipping network design, optimal vessel speed and terminal design. Recent developments in the discipline, such as green shipping and container security will be also part of the course. By the end of the course students will be familiar with the key concepts related to maritime logistics and in particular with the container supply chain. The course will include interaction with firms in the Hamburg maritime cluster.

Time & Project Management (MSc)

The course aims at teaching the students the skills and tools for effective project management. The focus will be on organization strategy, project selection and definition, project times and costs, and how to motivate project members and lead teams. At the end of the course the students will understand the importance of effective planning in a professional environment as well as learn about project planning, organization and management.