Kühne Logistics University - Mission | KLU

Sara Maradey and Natalia Kapranchik, KLU almuna, Master in Global Logistics

Mission Statement

KLU is an independent private university that is permanently approved by the state of Hamburg.  The university is dedicated to teaching and research in the fields of logistics, supply chain management, management, economics, and leadership.

The mission of KLU with its study programs, executive education courses and research is to educate and prepare potential future leaders for being able to master challenges within all industries in their future professional careers. Students experience logistics and supply chain management as a cross over discipline which affects many fields of business practice and theory. Logistics and supply chain management turn out to be a perfect preparation for leadership in complex environments. Thus, KLU understands itself as a Business University with a broad spectrum of disciplines that range from Logistics with a special focus on transport management and humanitarian logistics, to information and communication technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Training will be based on a sound basis of excellent research that will position KLU as an internationally recognized research university with focus on logistics and supply chain management. Research will help companies to cope with the challenges of an increasingly complex and global environment.

KLU is a true international university where an international faculty teaches an international student body and publishes its research in English. As a consequence, KLU takes its cue from international university standards and practices in everything from course content, teaching methods and ongoing course evaluation to student and staff exchange programs, the remuneration and career development of its professors and junior staff, the budgets for research and teaching, and its physical facilities.

KLU is driven by the goals of its founder. KLU was initiated and established by the Kühne Foundation, an organization set up by the Kühne family. The family, and Professor Klaus-Michael Kühne in particular, are committed to the promotion of science and research, especially in the fields of transportation, logistics and supply chain management, and both the foundation and its founders have a strong attachment to the university. The content and form of KLU’s activities are inspired by the life and work of the entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne. The foundation and its founders guarantee the long-term financial stability of KLU. For the founders, their involvement in the university is also a means of enhancing both Germany’s and Hamburg’s competitiveness as a place of science within the global market. 

KLU sees itself as a Hamburg-based university that, through its teaching and research activities, is dedicated to building a better future for the city and enhancing the city’s economic prospects within the global market.  KLU also sees itself as part of a cluster of business and science institutions within the city. The choice of the HafenCity docklands development for its campus is a further expression of the university’s and the foundation’s confidence in the prosperous future development of the city of Hamburg. The designation of maritime logistics and supply chain management as a key research field is testimony to the university’s special relationship with the city of Hamburg.