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Professor Niels Van Quaquebeke, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Teaching at KLU

Organizational Behavior (MSc)

In this course, we cover fundamental insights on humans and human interaction in organizations, in particular the respective strengths and weaknesses of humans and their interaction. Students get to know that they also have an all too human side and based on that find out about basic psychological principles. The course ultimately enables students to differentiate people management strategies that are fertile from those that are futile.

Theories of Leadership (MSc)

In this course, we cover the various approaches to leadership, in particular how to lead fellow humans. Students get to know what it means and takes to be a leader. They find out about their own leadership potential and are supported in their development of the same.

Negotiation (MSc)

In this course, we cover the field of influence, in particular how to influence others to maximize own interest. In doing so, we also highlight that mere egoistic strategies usually have to be adpated in order to lead to sustainable negotiation results. The various steps in professional negotiations are discussed, such as planning, meeting, concluding, and implementing.

Dealing with difficult HR issues (EMBA)

Decisions related to personnel, organization divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, new markets, etc. may entail difficult human relations issues on various levels and for various reasons. This course will provide students with the means to identify their key leadership challenges and a way how to approach these challenges constructively. Through it, students will learn to analyze and understand some issues they and their peers are regularly confronted with as well as how to take appropriate action.

Motivating Talent (EMBA)

To lead others, people should know an answer to the question why anyone should follow them. These insights can then be used in strong motivational messages tailored to respective audiences. This class will teach students the basics of human motivation, how they can authentically reach out to that motivation in themselves and others, and how to put it in actual words.