Port Logistics Management | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Port Logistics Management

Target Group: 

  • Group/team leaders
  • Department heads
  • Divisional heads

Program Duration: 35 days

Method: Interactive lectures, case study work, excursions

Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro

Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate 


  • Fundamental managerial concepts
  • Logistics management
  • Port management
  • Managerial skills


Attendees will learn about the latest advances in port operations, competition between ports, port logistics, port management and additional port related topics. Case studies and best-practice examples will be discussed in class. Participants will not only have the opportunity to expand their know-how and exchange ideas with international experts of the field, but also to network with professionals of the same field of expertise from all over the world and establish important business relationships. 

Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

Participants will learn about the latest advances is port logistics management and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with prospective partners and to network with businesses and new social contacts. and the company to make their transport management smarter.

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