van der Aa, Han, Josep Carmona Vargas, Henrik Leopold, Jan Mendling and Lluís Padró (2018)

Challenges and opportunities of applying natural language processing in business process management

in: Bender, Emily, Leon Derczynski and Pierre Isabelle (ed.): Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Association for Computational Linguistics, (2018), 2791-2801.

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Abstract: The Business Process Management (BPM) field focuses in the coordination of labor so that or-ganizational processes are smoothly executed in a way that products and services are properlydelivered. At the same time, NLP has reached a maturity level that enables its widespread ap-plication in many contexts, thanks to publicly available frameworks. In this position paper, weshow how NLP has potential in raising the benefits of BPM practices at different levels. In-stead of being exhaustive, we show selected key challenges were a successful application of NLPtechniques would facilitate the automation of particular tasks that nowadays require a significanteffort to accomplish. Finally, we report on applications that consider both the process perspectiveand its enhancement through NLP.

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