Friedrich, Hanno and Gernot Liedtke (2009)

Consideration of Logistics for Policy Analysis with Freight Transport Models

in: Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research: Berlin, (2009).

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Abstract: In recent years a rising attention for logistics in politics and transport analysis can be ob-served. Therefore, freight transport models increasingly put more attention on logistics. How-ever, logistics is mostly modeled in a very simplified way and different parts of logistics are considered. Modelers have limited options to build more mature logistics models: A detailed representation of logistics requires the description of a heterogeneous economic landscape leading to very high data demand and it requires to model combinatorial logistic problems exceeding the processing capability available. Therefore a balance has to be found between mapping logistic behavior in a “reality-like” way and the need to keep the model as simple as possible. Based on conceptual frameworks on logistic choice levels and logistic structures the paper shortly reviews a selection of existing modeling approaches. This and a detailed discus-sion of two modeling experiences show future strategies in freight transport modeling to-wards finding this balance.

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