Münzberg, Thomas, Ulrich Berbner, Hanno Friedrich, Tina Comes, Wendelin Gross, Frank Schultmann and Hans-Christian Pfohl (2013)

Decision Support for Critical Infrastructure Disruptions: An Integrated Approach to Secure Food Supply

in: Comes, Tina, Frank Friedrich, Stephen Fortier, Jutta Geldermann and Tim Müller (ed.): Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), (2013), 312-316.

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Abstract: Supplies of food and water are essential in disaster management, particularly in the very early chaotic phases when demand and available resources are highly uncertain, information systems are disrupted, and communication between communities, food suppliers, retail and emergency authorities is difficult. As many actors and organisations are involved in ever more complex food supply chains, cooperation and collaboration are vital for efficient and effective disaster management. To support decision-makers facing these problems, this paper introduces a scenario-based approach that integrates simulation of disruptions in food supply chains, and qualitative expert assessment to develop consistent scenarios that show the consequences of different strategies. To choose the best individual measures for all relevant actors and to compare it with the best overall strategy approaches from multi-criteria decision analysis are used.

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