Thaller, Carina, Benjamin Dahmen, Gernot Liedtke and Hanno Friedrich (2015)

Freight Transport Demand Modelling – Typology of Characterizing Freight Transport Demand Models

in: Clausen, Uwe, Hanno Friedrich, Carina Thaller and Christiane Geiger (ed.): Commercial Transport - Proceedings of the 2nd Interdiciplinary Conference on Production, Logistics and Traffic 2015, Springer: Cham, Switzerland, (2015), 39-54.

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21266-1_3

Abstract: Due to the structural heterogeneity of freight transport and its long-term subordinate consideration, there have been low research activities in this field as well as low motivations to integrate this segment into transport demand models for decades. There is also no generally valid framework for freight transport modelling in comparison to passenger transport modelling. Without a common framework, it is difficult to exchange ideas between scientists and to enable an efficient communication and solid agreements between a client and a contractor of a transport modelling service. This contribution presents a typological order of characteristics of freight transport demand models which covers their internal structures and employed methods. In addition, a systematic overview of selected international freight transport demand models is given.

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