Liedtke, Gernot and Hanno Friedrich

Generation of logistics networks in freight transportation models

Transportation, 39 (6): 1351-1335, (2012).

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/s11116-012-9386-9

Abstract: This article analyzes the concept of logistics networks in the context of behavioral freight transport modeling. Starting from the basic definition of networks, the different perceptions of networks in transportation science and logistics are worked out. The micro‐macro gap, as a main challenge in freight transport modeling, is explained by the existence of logistics networks on a meso level. A taxonomy of modeling methods dealing with logistics networks is defined, based on two characteristics: the changeability of networks within models (fixed, partially variable and variable networks) and the form of cost functions mapped (economies of scale, constant average cost, and diseconomies of scale). For each category, different possible modeling methods and their application in existing freight transport models are discussed. A special focus is placed on methodologies and models that map variable networks.

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