Schweisfurth, Tim, Christoph Stockstrom and Christina Raasch (2020)

Individuals’ knowledge and their explorative and exploitative behaviors

in: Tiwari, Rajnish and Stephan Buse (ed.): Managing Innovation in a Global and Digital World: Meeting Societal Challenges and Enhancing Competitiveness, Springer Fachmedien: Wiesbaden, (2020), 183-203.

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Abstract: A growing body of literature has been focusing on the question how individuals in organizations combine exploitation and exploration so as to help organizations become ambidextrous. We take a knowledge-based perspective to understand employees’ explorative and exploitative behaviors and conceptualize knowledge-based precursors to these behaviors along two dimensions: (1) focus on internal and external knowledge (level of existing knowledge vs. absorptive capacity) and (2) knowledge domain (need vs. solution knowledge). This focus addresses two significant gaps in the ambidexterity research (Lavie et al. 2010; Raisch et al. 2009): (1) the tensions of focusing on internal vs. external knowledge and (2) the interactions between different knowledge domains.

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