Albers, Sönke, Jan U. Becker, Michel Clement, Dominik Papies and Holger Schneider

Messung von Zahlungsbereitschaften und ihr Einsatz für die Preisbündelung: Eine anwendungsorientierte Darstellung am Beispiel digitaler TV-Programme

Marketing - Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis, 29 (1): 22-7, (2007).

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.15358/0344-1369-2007-1-8

Abstract: Managers facing the introduction of usage innovations have to cope with three interrelated problems: Which products are suitable for which segments, how to determine the characteristics of the segments for targeting them, and how to optimize the prices of bundles. We show that this can be achieved by applying a latent class analysis based on data obtained with the help of choice-based conjoint experiments. Using survey data on services in digital TV as an example, the authors show how strategic implications for product configuration, targeting, and bundle pricing can be derived. A comparison with real market data indicate that the results obtained by this procedure are highly plausible.

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