Grieger, Marcus and André Ludwig

On the move towards customer-centric business models in the automotive industry - a conceptual reference framework of shared automotive service systems

Electronic Markets, 29 (3): 500-473, (2019).

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/s12525-018-00327-6

Abstract: Digitalization drives automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to change their value propositions and open-up towards greater collaboration and customer integration. The shift towards services implies a transformational change from product- towards customer-centricity. This study proposes a conceptual reference framework (CRF) out of a business model perspective to systematize automotive service systems. The CRF presents relevant dimensions and dependencies between the involved stakeholders and the necessary infrastructures in order to facilitate digital service conceptualization in the early phases of the service design. The artifact is developed based on a literature review and conceptual modeling, then iteratively evaluated by means of guideline-supported interviews from three different perspectives and applied to a real problem statement within a case workshop. The results suggest value creation for automotive services occurs in shared mobility networks among interdependent stakeholders in which customers play an integral role during the service life-cycle. Additionally, the results deepen the understanding of service business model development under consideration of industry-specific aspects and suggest the framework to be a beneficial structuring tool that can save resources and specify solution finding.

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