Hering, Thomas, André Ludwig and Bogdan Franczyk (2009)

Proliferation in Service Types: Towards a Unifying Taxonomy of Service Types

in: Fähnrich, Klaus-Peter (ed.): Practitioner Track - International Symposium on Services Science (ISSS'09): 16, Univ.: Leipzig, (2009).

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Abstract: SSME and SOA are strongly connected perspectives. SOA modeling procedures, SOA management methodologies, SOA role concepts, and many other important aspects heavily depend and base on specific SOA service types defined in a service taxonomy. However, currently we are far from a consistent taxonomic understanding which causes communication problems regarding nearly all SOA issues hampering research as well as implementation efforts in this field. This paper reflects the current state of discussion by mapping several relevant proposals and presents a basic service taxonomy aiming at stopping the proliferation of service types. This basic taxonomy can be used as a basis for domain- or project-specific taxonomic refinements.

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