Franklin, J. Rod, Clarissa Marquezan, Andreas Metzger and Klaus Pohl (2014)

Runtime Management of Multi-level SLAs for Transport and Logistics Services

in: International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, (2014), 560-574.

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-45391-9_49

Abstract: SLA management of non-computational services, such as transport and logistics services, may differ from SLA management of computational services, such as cloud or web services. As an important difference, SLA management for transport and logistics services has to consider so called frame SLAs. A frame SLA is a general agreement that constitutes a long-term contract between parties. The terms and conditions of the frame SLA become the governing terms and conditions for all specific SLAs established under such a frame SLA. Not considering the relationships between frame SLAs, specific SLAs and QoS monitoring information may lead to partial conclusions and decisions, thereby resulting in avoidable penalties. Based on a real industry case in the transport and logistics domain, this paper elaborates on a multi-level run-time SLA management approach for non-computational services that takes into account those relationships. We describe a cloud-based software component, the BizSLAM App, able to automatically manage multi-level SLAs by extending SLA management solutions from service-oriented computing. We demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of the SLA management approach in an industrial context.

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