Boltze, Manfred, Frederik Rühl, Ulrich Berbner and Hanno Friedrich (2015)

The interdisciplinary decision map - A reference model for production, logistics and traffic

in: TRB 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers DVD, (2015).

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Abstract: Due to strong interdependencies between production, logistics and traffic, a decision in one of these fields has impacts on the others. However, decision makers in and around today’s supply chains rarely consider effects of their decisions on other participants of the supply chain or the traffic system. Thus, a tool for decision support, which clearly illustrates the variety of impacts of a decision, is highly desirable. Accordingly, this paper presents a reference model in the context of production, logistics and traffic, called Interdisciplinary Decision Map (IDM). The IDM allows for describing and analyzing interdisciplinary impacts of decisions across the disciplines. Thus, it can serve as decision support tool for decision makers out of the considered domains. The IDM’s applicability is demonstrated by using it to analyze selected impacts of an heavy goods vehicles (HGV) toll’s introduction on production, logistics and traffic.

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