Goel, Asvin and Louis-Martin Rousseau

Truck Driver Scheduling in Canada

Journal of Scheduling, 15 (6): 799-783, (2012).

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/s10951-011-0249-6

Abstract: This paper presents and studies the Canadian Truck Driver Scheduling Problem (CAN-TDSP) which is the problem of determining whether a sequence of locations can be visited within given time windows in such a way that driving and working activities of truck drivers comply with Canadian Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations. Canadian regulations comprise the provisions found in U.S. hours of service regulations as well as additional constraints on the maximum amount of driving and the minimum amount of off-duty time on each day. We present two heuristics and an exact approach for solving the CAN-TDSP. Computational experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our approaches and indicate that Canadian regulations are significantly more permissive than U.S. hours of service regulations.

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