Klinkmüller, Christopher, André Ludwig, Bogdan Franczyk and Rolf Kluge (2010)

Visualising Business Capabilities in the Context of Business Analysis

in: Abramowicz, Witold and Robert Tolksdorf (ed.): Business Information Systems, Springer Berlin Heidelberg: Berlin, Heidelberg, (2010), 242-253.

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-12814-1_21

Abstract: Business capabilities represent potentials of an organisation to reach a specific goal or outcome. Business capabilities abstract from processes, resources and people that are required to provide the potential and are connected with a role model of provider and customer, both, internally and externally to an organisation. While related work provides fundamental concepts and usage descriptions of the business capability approach, so far the aspect of visualisation of business capabilities in the context of business analysis was only rudimentary addressed. In this paper, a three-dimensional business capability visualisation metaphor for business analyses is outlined which supports the visualisation of business capabilities and their qualifying dimensions but also the representation of their complex multi-dimensional interrelations.

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