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Anne Rehmet, Head of Career Development & Alumni Relations and colleagues


Enjoy the advantages of studying at Kühne Logistics University – these include the range of services we provide for our students, in addition to the interactive learning experience, the international environment, and the vital relationships to the business world. You do the studying and we do everything else.

Career Services

Our Career Services team offers a unique program that targets your personal development as well as your contacts with future employers. The people in Career Services will facilitate connections, and train and empower you to identify and pursue your professional aspirations. (more...)

Semester Abroad

Our International Office paves the way for your semester abroad, whether you are one of our outgoing KLU students or an incoming student who is spending a semester on our campus in Hamburg. The International Office maintains an ongoing liaison with all our partner universities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and has all the details you'll require for your semester abroad. (more...)

Program Services

Our Program Management team ensures that your course of study meets our quality standards and runs as smoothly as possible. They will support and assist you with regard to any study-related issues and questions about the curriculum, courses, and lecture material. Program Management takes care of planning the semester, provides you with your schedules, and ensures that you have a well-balanced workload throughout your studies. (more...)

Arrival and Orientation Services

Upon acceptance, the Student Services team will provide you with arrival services, help you organize your journey to Hamburg and continue to assist you throughout this process. Our team will advise you on visa issues, help you to find suitable accommodation, arrange for a pick-up service upon arrival, and assist you with health insurance, setting up a bank account, residence registration, and more. (more...)

Library and Information Services

Our Library and Information Services team ensures easy access to relevant logistics and management information, data, and publications. They will support you with regard to research techniques and database searches and questions about course literature, references, and library use in Hamburg. The Library sets up and maintains our e-library and search tools (online catalogue, lending system, link resolver, etc.) so that you can quickly find the information you are looking for. (more...)

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    Ivan Flores, KLU student, Master in Global Logistics

    "The KLU experience is allowing me to discover a vast number of career options. It also makes me appreciate all the resources I now have available. Everything is set up so I can propel myself into the job market with the best possible preparation."

    Ivan Flores, Student MSc in Global Logistics, Class of 2016

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    Anna Beletskaya, KLU student, Master in Global Logistics

    "If you want to have an international outlook on practical and theoretical knowledge, find new friends and potential business contacts, and learn the growing sector of logistics from the inside – apply now. I did and I am happy to be here! "

    Anna Beletskaya, Student MSc in Global Logistics, Class of 2016

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    Alida Müller-Wehlau, KLU alumna, Master in Global Logistics

    "The faculty members and the administration were interested in us as individuals and provided thoughtful advice during the program, and we can still ask them for it today. I am fortunate to be part of the KLU family of top-ranking professors and amazing students and alumni who are all shaping today's world of logistics."

    Alida Müller-Wehlau, KLU alumna, MSc in Global Logistics, Class of 2013

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    Alexandra Müller, KLU alumna, Master in Global Logistics

    "Due to the practical relevance of our study program (case studies, group works, excursions, etc.) and the support of our Career Service, I felt very well prepared when applying for a job. Thanks to KLU, I’m currently part of the BMW Group graduate program, working in the overseas supply chain planning unit. "

    Alexandra Müller, KLU alumna, MSc in Global Logistics, Class of 2013

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    Román Peláez Pérez, KLU student, Master in Global Logistics

    "The master’s program at Kühne Logistics University challenges you on different levels. It will make you thrive as a person by enhancing your abilities and skills – both professional and personal."

    Román Peláez Pérez, Student MSc in Global Logistics, Class of 2015