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Anne Rehmet, Head of Career Development & Alumni Relations and colleagues


General information

Finding the right type of accommodation is a challenging task. Accommodation in Hamburg is both hard to find and comparatively expensive.

Things to consider when choosing a place to live:

  •  Rental cost & additional expenses (utilities etc.)
  •  Lease agreements
  •  Distance of public transportation facilities
  •  Distance of shopping facilities
  •  Safety

What it costs to live in Hamburg, Germany

The average monthly rent is about 300 € - 400 € for a furnished single room in the student dorm, about 400 € - 600 € for a one-bedroom apartment and about 400 € - 700 € for a single apartment in a student apartment house (depending on size, comfort and district).

Choosing the accommodation that's right for you

KLU does not offer on-campus housing but supports you in finding suitable accommodation. Students will be offered a limited number of fully-furnished rooms in the student dorm for the first semester. This is a good opportunity to get started in Hamburg. A very small number of rooms for the whole study period will be also available. You will be informed by Student Services in time how to apply.