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Sönke Albers, Head of Management Department and Dean of Research


Honorary Membership of German Academic Association of Business Research (2015)

Sönke Albers has been elected as honorary member of the German Academic Association of Business Research (VHB: Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft) which comprises almost all 2200 professors and researchers in business in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Such an honorary membership is given to members that have shown excellence in research and provided important services to the community. Sönke Albers was member of the advisory board of VHB, chairman of the commission marketing, editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “Business Research” of the association, and chairman of VHB 2007-2008.

EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award (2011)

Sönke Albers has been selected to receive the 2011 EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award. The award marks the highest honor that a marketing scholar in Europe can receive and recognizes Sönke Albers' extensive and impactful research publications as well as his outstanding contributions to the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), the largest association of marketing scholars in Europe.

INFORMS Society for Marketing Science MSI Practice Prize (2010)

Sönke Albers has won together with Marc Fischer the 2009-2010 INFORMS Society for Marketing Science MSI Practice Prize. The prize was awarded for outstanding development and implementation of marketing science concepts and methods. The paper is entitled, “Dynamic Marketing Budget Allocation across Countries, Products, and Marketing Activities.” The winning research provides an innovative solution to what is called “the dynamic marketing allocation budget problem” for multi-product, multi-country firms at Bayer, Inc. The decision-support model allows Bayer to determine annual marketing budgets at the country-product-activity level in a Microsoft Excel-supported environment. The model takes into account marketing dynamics and a product’s growth potential, as well as tradeoffs of marketing effectiveness and profit contribution. The research for Bayer has realized benefits and savings of hundreds of millions.

Further information and a video of the presentation is available here

Honorary doctorate from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University at Frankfurt/Main (2005)

Sönke Albers has received in 2005 an honorary doctorate from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University at Frankfurt/Main. Goethe University honors his contributions to make marketing effects better quantifiable. He has not only published his research in national as well international journals but also implemented his research in several companies. He has been very successful in educating numerous academic students who are now professors.

Best paper award of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (2004)

Sönke Albers received the best paper award of the International Journal of Research in Marketing for his article (together with Manfred Krafft and Rajiv Lal) “Relative explanatory power of agency theory and transaction cost analysis in German Salesforces”, in: International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol. 21 (2004), 265-283.