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Jennifer Ulrich, PhD candidate

Jennifer Ulrich

PhD candidate

Jennifer Ulrich is doing her PhD under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jörg Felfe (Helmut Schmidt University) and Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke (Kühne Logistics University). In her research, she investigates how leaders handle their first adoption of a leading position and how this role adoption should be organized so that negative effects on the leaders’ feelings and behavior can be prevented. 

Jennifer completed her Bachelor program in Psychology at the University of Trier and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Hamburg (2014). Linking Work and Organizational Psychology with Clinical Psychology in her master thesis, she investigated which specific mental strains leaders of different hierarchical levels are confronted with.

In November 2011 Jennifer joined the KLU as a student assistant and worked here as student/graduate assistant until September 2015. Since October 2015 her PhD is founded by a PhD scholarship of the German Academic National Foundation.

Broadening her practical knowledge in Clinical Psychology Jennifer completed a primary training course in rational-emotive and cognitive-behavioral theory and techniques at the German subsidiary of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York in 2014.  

Since 2010 Jennifer is a member of the interdisciplinary RespectResearchGroup in Hamburg. Within the RespectResearchGroup she pursued an internship, her master thesis and nowadays her PhD. In 2015 she organized the colloquium “Respect and leadership” which took place at the KLU in October 2015.