International Office for KLU students

Kühne Logistics University

Exchange semester

All bachelor students spend an exchange semester at one of our partner universities. Master students in the standard track have the opportunity to spend their third semester abroad. Enrolled as a full-time student at the host university, you will acquire first-hand insights into new cultures and countries and have unique experiences. Of course you can transfer the credits you earn abroad to your KLU transcript.

Selection Process

We have established a broad network based on exchange agreements with more than 50 partner institutions around the world. Each partner offers a fixed number of exchange semester places, and some are limited to only one degree program: either bachelor or master. You may indicate three choices of your preferred destinations.  Exchange places are allocated based on your average grades, and a motivation letter. The partner universities involved and the available places are subject to change.


A number of exchange agreements are based on the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program, which has several benefits for KLU students. Please refer to the “ERASMUS+ Student Mobility for Studies” page for further information.

Join the KLUb

Make new exchange students feel welcome at KLU and show them what KLU is all about! Apart from introducing KLU and campus life to the newcomers, you can also plan shared activities in your free time. Meet for a coffee, show your buddy your favorite places to hang out in Hamburg, shop, go to the movies or a soccer game – the options are unlimited. This is a voluntary KLU community service, so please plan your time and energy accordingly. We are looking for committed volunteers who are open to new friendships. To join the KLUb, just register via this link. Application deadlines are: August 1 (for the fall semester) or December 1 (for the spring semester). Printed application forms can be made available upon request.

KLUb buddy program events:

  • First meeting/Welcome dinner (September/January)
  • German movie meetup (fall and spring semesters)
  • Visit to Hamburg's Christmas market (fall semester)

A certificate will confirm the scope and length of your voluntary commitment to the program. To receive one, each buddy needs to fill out an activity log. After the buddies hand in their activity logs at the end of the semester, the International Office will electronically issue a certificate to each student.

You might also be interested in our Friend Family Program.

KLU for 2

KLU’s Language Tandem program mediates language partnerships between two students who would like to learn each other’s native language. For instance, if your native language is Spanish and your tandem partner is German, you can improve your German language skills and your partner can practice his/her Spanish language skills with you. If you would like to join KLU for 2, please register via this registration link.