How to Influence Charisma

KLU PhD candidate Susan Reh

Charismatic people captivate their followers, motivate and influence them. But what exactly is charisma? The old question about charisma is returning to the political scene, hand in hand with populism. Susan Reh and Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke from KLU teamed up with Steffen R. Giessner from Erasmus University Rotterdam to provide new answers to the phenomenon of charisma in a recently published journal article. They say that charisma cannot be explained by rational arguments and social competency alone. Personal and environmental-specific signals such as size, color, temperature, and distance also determine whether or not a person is charismatic.

Read the full press release in English or German.

Entitled The Aura of Charisma: A Review on the Embodiment Perspective as Signaling, the article can be viewed in the pre-print pages of The Leadership Quarterly.