Giving opportunities 


Giving opportunities 

In September 2020, KLU was able to award the Deutschlandstipendium to an unprecedented twelve KLU students stemming from all degree programs.

This was only possible with the generous support of Kühne Maritime Ltd. and the German Eastern European Business Association (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.). Thanks to their support, the scholarship holders were able to achieve excellence in their studies and continue – or begin – engaging in social activities, despite the challenge of studying in the midst of a global pandemic.

In 2021 we would like to offer this support to a new group of talented, hard-working and socially committed students. To once more meet our goal, we need your support. Every donation made by a company or individual will be matched by the federal government; a donation of 1,800 euros is enough to support a student for an entire year.

To give you an impression of the impact a donation can have, several current scholarship holders share their stories here.

We kindly ask you to consider a donation. Make a difference for a KLU student today!

Prof. Thomas Strothotte, President & Managing Director

[Thanks to the Deutschlandstipendium] I was able to move back to Hamburg and have my own space where I could concentrate on my education. Second, my parents were less worried about my studies since my mom was financially struggling with her hairdressing shops. Third, I had more time for volunteering and for example supporting KLU’s marketing team during the online open days and social media takeovers.

Fritzi Müller, M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management

Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to buy a new laptop for my studies and online courses: we didn’t have access to the KLU IT lab and I needed a better computer for doing my course projects. I gave away my old computer to kids from a low-income family in Iran to use for their online classes. Unfortunately, there are a considerable number of low-income families in my country who can’t afford to buy new computers for their children. That gave me the idea to start a campaign at KLU and ask students and staff to donate their old but usable electronic devices.

Hataw Bakhishi, M.Sc. Management

The combination of being a scholarship holder of the Deutschlandstipendium and working at KPMG has enabled me to meet my needs without using my savings for my master’s studies. I am especially grateful for this support since it also permitted me to keep my flat in Hamburg while studying online from my parents’ house.. […] Because of the contact restrictions and my move, I haven’t been able to participate in the DLRG (water rescue club) in Hamburg as I intended. At the end of the day, I am incredibly grateful for the financial security and stability the Deutschlandstipendium offers me in these turbulent times.

Leslie Aaron Ziegler, B.Sc. Business Administration

I now volunteer in two student organizations at KLU that I previously hadn’t because of time constraints. I joined advisupply, KLU’s student consultancy, and UniKonnect, which connects students with well-known companies by planning events at KLU, and love these new responsibilities. Overall, the financial support from the Deutschlandstipendium has allowed me to dedicate more of my time to my personal development, my career development, and volunteering without neglecting my studies.

Jonah Roesemeier, B.Sc. Business Administration

The scholarship has enabled me to get a lot of self-motivating and self-improvement books during the pandemic. During my free time, I read these books to help calm down, and also to make myself a better person. Moreover, I joined the KLU buddy program and the scholarship has enabled me to have more interactions with my buddy and provided a stress-free environment for us to hang out. Lastly, the scholarship has given me more time to participate in social activities outside the classroom. For example, I regularly have language classes with a tandem partner, where I teach her Chinese and she teaches me German.

Guangying Wang, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chains

The Deutschlandstipendium really helped me pay my bills after losing my student job due to COVID. It helped me to invest in a technical setup to follow online lectures, and to focus more on my master’s thesis.

Niklas Nie, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Deutschlandstipendium has been a great help for me. It allowed me to partially cover the costs associated with my semester abroad and the additional costs stemming from COVID-19. Furthermore, it allowed me to focus on my studies by having additional time for my master’s thesis. I managed to complete the thesis with an excellent grade, and I am currently working on a publication together with my supervising professor and a Ph.D. student.

Marco Heer, M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management



The Deutschlandstipendium operates on a public-private partnership (PPP) funding model. The maximum amount per scholarship and academic year comes to a total of 3,600€ -- 1,800€ from private and 1,800€ from public funding.

Learn more here.

Your support goes to students who demonstrate both academic excellence as well as a high level of social engagement.

The Deutschlandstipendium helps students in need of financial assistance in order to better cope with the high costs of living in Hamburg. It has been our experience that especially international students benefit from this support. There have also been cases where the scholarship has aided in purchasing expensive academic literature, participating in summer schools, or attending conferences.

With the combined support of your donation and that of the federal government, recipients are in a much better position to achieve their academic goals.

One unique facet of this scholarship is that recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium benefit from a new flow of extramural contacts provided by their supporters. They gain access to a variety of career networks in economics, science, and society in Germany which may have otherwise been unattainable to them.

I am very grateful for the recognition of my achievements to date which were made possible by the Germany Scholarship, sponsored by the shipping company, Hamburg Süd. On the one hand, the financial support enabled me to concentrate more on my bachelor's degree at KLU, as I was able to spend more time and focus more intensively on the learning content. In addition, I also used the support to further my professional training outside the university. I was able to take online courses in machine learning, which helped me a lot both professionally and academically. Therefore, I can only encourage you to make a donation, no matter how much, to give further students the chance of receiving this support

Tim Bündert, BSc in Business Administration, Class of 2020

I was really pleased with the German scholarship, because it not only honours my studies, but also my social commitment.

Sandria Weißhuhn, PhD Candidate

The Deutschlandstipendium enabled me to focus on my research and to achieve the best possible outcome for my master’s thesis. The thesis focuses on the effects that working from home has on employees.  Additionally, it helped me to get the right equipment for the new online classes and the data analysis involved in my master’s thesis. This included an external screen, keyboard and mouse. The scholarship also helped to cover the costs of my health insurance and daily expenses.

Theresa Mayer, M.Sc. Management

Sadly, due to the contact restrictions, I wasn’t able to continue my volunteer work at the Hamburger Tafel. During my time there, I was able to see how COVID impacted countless lives, some financially and some more on an interpersonal level. I’m particularly happy that I didn’t have to worry about my financial situation due to the scholarship.

Marius Pfaff, B.Sc. Business Administration

The Deutschlandstipendium supported me financially in several ways. With the scholarship, I overcame the technical issues I was having with online teaching and improved my technical setup in general. This allowed me to follow the lectures better and study more efficiently. Furthermore, knowing that I had financial security gave me the freedom to volunteer in the student organization UniKonnect and be part of the KLU Logistics Innovators Day organizational team without having financial worries. Moreover, I used the money from the scholarship to take courses to improve my language skills.

Christoph Schaar, B.Sc. Business Administration

Knowing that, because of COVID-19, there are now even more people around the world who lack proper food and medicine, I increased the amount I donate to UNICEF for providing clean water and food to infants and children who need it. I decided to do it when I realized how thankful I was to be provided with my daily needs during the pandemic. When I was nominated for the scholarship, I could feel how welcome I was in this country, and I felt integrated into society in Hamburg by being recognized and supported by the state and University. This gave me more confidence about choosing to do my bachelor’s studies in Hamburg, Germany.

Minsang Eom, B.Sc. Business Administration

The Deutschlandstipendium really helped me pay my bills after losing my student job due to COVID. It helped me to invest in a technical setup to follow online lectures, and to focus more on my master’s thesis.

Niklas Nie, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Deutschlandstipendium provides me with a feeling of support and security, the feeling that there’s someone by my side, who believes in my personal career. Furthermore, the scholarship allows me to focus on my studies. Before, I was pressured to work and earn money to cover my studies and general living expenses in Hamburg. Now I can reduce the hours I work and concentrate more on where I want to go career-wise.

Julia Bahn, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Yes, this is possible. This would mean that one 1,800€ scholarship would consist of contributions from several separate donors.

Whether it’s 50, 100 or 500€, we are extremely grateful for each euro we receive and ensure that all incoming donations will be awarded solely and directly to the recipients.

Each euro donated will be doubled by the federal government.

You will have the pleasure of getting to know highly engaged and ambitious young people from all over the world.

  • We will publically commend your contribution.
  • We will include you as part of our network.
  • We will invite you to all scholarship-related events and celebrations, and, upon request, to all other KLU professional events.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible.

Your contribution today has a strong impact on young academics who will be the experts and industry professionals of tomorrow, perhaps even in your organization.

At present, KLU alumni hold key positions in logistics services, industry, trade, and consultation services in Germany and in many parts of the world.

  • You will have the pleasure of getting to know highly engaged and ambitious young people from all over the world.
  • We will publically commend your contribution. The Deutschlandstipendium is very well-known; let your company profit from this positive image as well.
  • We will invite you to all scholarship-related events and celebrations, and, upon request, to all other KLU professional events.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible.
  • You will play an active role in the development of our emerging institution. The Deutschlandstipendium plays a small yet crucial part in this process.

OK, I’m convinced. I want to make a donation. What’s the next step?

With the button "Donate now" you have the possibility to make your donation quickly and easily. If you prefer to do a standard bank transfer, you can of course use this option. You will find the bank details below. Please state “Deutschland Stipendium” as a reference on your bank transfer.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our fundraising manager Kathrin Storm is at your disposal, if you would like to have a confidential exchange.

We would like to welcome you to the community of student sponsors at Kühne Logistics University! Thank you very much in advance for your contribution.


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Kühne Logistics University - KLU

If you wish, you can transfer your donation to the following account with the tag “Deutschlandstipendium 2021”:

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Thank you for your contribution!


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