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Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Young Professionals Program

Target Group: 

    • Young professionals with few years of professional experience who are preparing for a management career

    Program Duration: 20 days (5 modules, 4 days each)

    Method: Interactive lectures, group and project work

    Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin et al.

    Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


    • Communications and interpersonal skills
    • Critical thinking and decision making skills 
    • Problem solving skills
    • Team skills 
    • Leadership/Management skills


    Within KLU’s Young Professionals Program, five modules are taught as four-day integrated classes with project work and home work occurring between the classes. Each class is built around one of the five skills themes and a custom designed case study requiring the application of prior knowledge and the learning delivered during the current class. The final session of training involves not only coverage of the theme for the session, but also includes an extra day in which the individual project teams present the results of their project activities. 

    The first module on communication and interpersonal skills focuses on providing the participants with a foundation for interacting effectively in the business world. Participants learn to communicate effectively and to apply interpersonal skills in order to develop relationships. The module on critical thinking and decision making provides the individual with the tools to better analyze situations and make informed decisions. The third module on problem solving skills provides the participants with a framework and set of analytical skills for solving typical business problems. Team skills address effective team interaction for individuals so that they can become effective team members and leaders. Finally, the leadership and skills module addresses the individuals’ leadership and management skills along with their demonstration of learning through their project presentations. 

    Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

    The skills addressed in the training program are critical to the success of high potential employees. The use of a project that the individuals work in teams on throughout the training program ensures both the students and their managers that the learning developed in the class room can be translated into real action for the organization.

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