A helping hand in trying times (Part I)

Insights from current KLU recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium (Part I). In September 2020, thanks to the efforts of Kühne Maritime Ltd. and the Eastern European Business Association (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.), KLU was able to award the Deutschlandstipendium to an unprecedented twelve KLU students hailing from all degree programs. This unique scholarship, which is supported by private donations matched by public funds, grants twelve months of unconditional financial support to students who have demonstrated outstanding performance and/or social commitment. Just after halfway through the term, we asked our scholarship holders for an initial assessment.

How has the scholarship helped them manage their daily lives inside and outside university so far? Has it made a difference with regard to the challenges of studying in the midst of a global pandemic? What have they used their extra funds for? In the following, our “lucky dozen” share some key experiences and insights (Part I):

“Sadly, due to the contact restrictions, I wasn’t able to continue my volunteer work at the Hamburger Tafel. During my time there, I was able to see how COVID impacted countless lives, some financially and some more on an interpersonal level. I’m particularly happy that I didn’t have to worry about my financial situation due to the scholarship.”

Marius Pfaff, B.Sc. Business Administration


“The Deutschlandstipendium supported me financially in several ways. With the scholarship, I overcame the technical issues I was having with online teaching and improved my technical setup in general. This allowed me to follow the lectures better and study more efficiently. Furthermore, knowing that I had financial security gave me the freedom to volunteer in the student organization UniKonnect and be part of the KLU Logistics Innovators Day organizational team without having financial worries. Moreover, I used the money from the scholarship to take courses to improve my language skills.”

Christoph Schaar, B.Sc. Business Administration



“Knowing that, because of COVID-19, there are now even more people around the world who lack proper food and medicine, I increased the amount I donate to UNICEF for providing clean water and food to infants and children who need it. I decided to do it when I realized how thankful I was to be provided with my daily needs during the pandemic. When I was nominated for the scholarship, I could feel how welcome I was in this country, and I felt integrated into society in Hamburg by being recognized and supported by the state and University. This gave me more confidence about choosing to do my bachelor’s studies in Hamburg, Germany.”

Minsang Eom, B.Sc. Business Administration



“The Deutschlandstipendium provides me with a feeling of support and security, the feeling that there’s someone by my side, who believes in my personal career. Furthermore, the scholarship allows me to focus on my studies. Before, I was pressured to work and earn money to cover my studies and general living expenses in Hamburg. Now I can reduce the hours I work and concentrate more on where I want to go career-wise.”

Julia Bahn, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management


“The Deutschlandstipendium really helped me pay my bills after losing my student job due to COVID. It helped me to invest in a technical setup to follow online lectures, and to focus more on my master’s thesis.”

Niklas Nie, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management


“The Deutschlandstipendium has been a great help for me. It allowed me to partially cover the costs associated with my semester abroad and the additional costs stemming from COVID-19. Furthermore, it allowed me to focus on my studies by having additional time for my master’s thesis. I managed to complete the thesis with an excellent grade, and I am currently working on a publication together with my supervising professor and a Ph.D. student.

Marco Heer, M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management

Would you like to support KLU students by making a donation to the Deutschlandstipendium? For detailed information on the Deutschlandstipendium at KLU, more statements from our scholarship holders, and information on how to donate, please visit: Deutschlandstipendium at KLU

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