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How dialogue between industry and research can make logsitics go green.

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When the coffee machine is ordering new beans

What manufacturers need to know about Smart Replenishment

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Corona: Measures and information

Read here our latest news, expert analysis and comments and find a list of experts from KLU faculty on the effects of Corona.

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Studying, Laughing, Celebrating

Studying is more than just learning for the next test. How has the pandemic affected student life? And what's the outlook?

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New Research Center at KLU

Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD)

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KLU wins YPAL 2021

KLU takes home place 1 & 3 at this year's Young Professional's Award Logistics.

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Kühne Logistics University is the University for Logistics and Leadership driving the world’s welfare through focused research and education.

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DAAD Prize Awarded to Minsang Eom

Minsang Eom, B.Sc. Business Administration, class of 2022, has received the DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students studying at German universities. Minsang impressed the jury with...

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New Research Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development Launched in ...

After many years of successful project-based collaborations, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) and HELP Logistics have now established a joint Research Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional De...

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Former KLU Ph.D. Mojtaba Salem receives Honorary Mention from HUMLOG Institute

Dr. Mojtaba Salem, former Ph.D. candidate at KLU, has received the Honorary Mention from the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken Schoo...

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Vaccination Days at KLU

COVID-19 vaccinations are an important part of the global fight against the disease and a step toward more normality in our d...

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UPDATE: Coronavirus: Measures taken

01.07.2021 A new version of KLU's Hygiene Plan came into effect on Monday, July 5th 2021. Loosening of testing and self-q...

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Technology-enabled Optimization in Food Supply Chains

Research Seminar Series

Principal-agent problems in decarbonizing container shipping∶ A panel da...

Research Seminar Series

Boot Camp 2021 - Artificial Intelligence in Mobility & Logistics

Workshop / Conference

Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics: Current application landscape ...

Research Seminar Series

Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is a private university that focusses on logistics and leadership. KLU offers various programs and courses which will well prepare students to take on international leadership positions. What starts with a Preparation Program and the Bachelor in Business Administration can be continued with the Master in Management and the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The Doctoral Program (PhD) and the MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management at Kuehne Logistics University are especially designed for high achievers who aim to deepen their knowledge in research or leadership skills. Headed by our President Thomas Strothotte, KLU Hamburg is a highly ranked international university which offers excellent education and unique experiences for all students. The university KLU is the perfect place for everyone who wants to study in Hamburg Germany and aims to build a career in the area of logistics and supply chain management and beyond.

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