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Passing the baton at CSGL

As Prof. Michele Acciaro is leaving KLU, Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier takes over as director of CSGL at KLU. We asked both: What's needed in shipping and global logistics today?

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Global Student Satisfaction Award

Thank you to our students and alumni for 4.8 out of 5 possible stars in the category "Overall Satisfaction".

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Cargo Surfer

Smart parcels take the bus or tram – research project offers new prospects for rural areas

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Idea Management

About the power of the employees’ expertise beyond their scope of work: Interview with Dr. Oliver Reichel-Busch, Head of Idea Management at Lufthansa Group.

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Corona: Measures and information

Read here our latest news, expert analysis and comments and find a list of experts from KLU faculty on the effects of Corona.

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Food Research Group

Academic insights along the entire food supply chain for more efficiency and sustainablility.

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Smart parcels take the bus or tram – research project offers new prospects for rural...

In the distant past, mail coaches brought parcels and passengers alike to their destination. Today, passenger transportation and freight transport are virtually always strictly separated. But does thi...

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Passing the baton at the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL)

They have known each other for 15 years, they share a scientific passion for maritime logistics, and now they’re meeting at a crossroads in their careers in Hamburg. As Michele Acciaro leaves Kühne Lo...

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A career in science or business?

Fulfillment, security and prospects – what are the pros and cons of choosing a career in science or industry? The “Universitä...

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UPDATE: Coronavirus: Measures taken

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How do companies become sustainable?

The goal is clear: companies must change their purely economically oriented business models in favor of greater sustainabilit...

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Global shipping network dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial ...

Research Seminar Series

Out of sight, but not out of mind: When and why telecommuting leads to m...

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