A helping hand in trying times (Part II)

In September 2020, thanks to the efforts of Kühne Maritime Ltd. and the Eastern European Business Association (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.), KLU was able to award the Deutschlandstipendium to an unprecedented twelve KLU students hailing from all degree programs. Part two of our series of insights from scholarship holders.

See also Part I of our series, featuring six additional scholarship holders sharing their experiences.

“After the stress of writing my thesis and the ongoing pandemic, my family started to struggle with the lockdown financially. My mother’s hairdressing shops were closed from December to March and so far, the government subventions hadn’t arrived. At the time of writing, my mom had just started working again, but I was worried about how long this situation would last. […] [Thanks to the Deutschlandstipendium] I was able to move back to Hamburg and have my own space where I could concentrate on my education. Second, my parents were less worried about my studies since my mom was financially struggling with her hairdressing shops. Third, I had more time for volunteering and for example supporting KLU’s marketing team during the online open days and social media takeovers.”

Fritzi Müller, M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management



“Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to buy a new laptop for my studies and online courses: we didn’t have access to the KLU IT lab and I needed a better computer for doing my course projects. I gave away my old computer to kids from a low-income family in Iran to use for their online classes. Unfortunately, there are a considerable number of low-income families in my country who can’t afford to buy new computers for their children. That gave me the idea to start a campaign at KLU and ask students and staff to donate their old but usable electronic devices.”

Hataw Bakhishi, M.Sc. Management


“The combination of being a scholarship holder of the Deutschlandstipendium and working at KPMG has enabled me to meet my needs without using my savings for my master’s studies. I am especially grateful for this support since it also permitted me to keep my flat in Hamburg while studying online from my parents’ house.. […] Because of the contact restrictions and my move, I haven’t been able to participate in the DLRG (water rescue club) in Hamburg as I intended. At the end of the day, I am incredibly grateful for the financial security and stability the Deutschlandstipendium offers me in these turbulent times.”

Leslie Aaron Ziegler, B.Sc. Business Administration


“I now volunteer in two student organizations at KLU that I previously hadn’t because of time constraints. I joined advisupply, KLU’s student consultancy, and UniKonnect, which connects students with well-known companies by planning events at KLU, and love these new responsibilities.
Overall, the financial support from the Deutschlandstipendium has allowed me to dedicate more of my time to my personal development, my career development, and volunteering without neglecting my studies.”

Jonah Roesemeier, B.Sc. Business Administration



“The scholarship has enabled me to get a lot of self-motivating and self-improvement books during the pandemic. During my free time, I read these books to help calm down, and also to make myself a better person. Moreover, I joined the KLU buddy program and the scholarship has enabled me to have more interactions with my buddy and provided a stress-free environment for us to hang out. Lastly, the scholarship has given me more time to participate in social activities outside the classroom. For example, I regularly have language classes with a tandem partner, where I teach her Chinese and she teaches me German.”

Guangying Wang, M.Sc. Global Logistics & Supply Chains



“The Deutschlandstipendium enabled me to focus on my research and to achieve the best possible outcome for my master’s thesis. The thesis focuses on the effects that working from home has on employees.  Additionally, it helped me to get the right equipment for the new online classes and the data analysis involved in my master’s thesis. This included an external screen, keyboard and mouse. The scholarship also helped to cover the costs of my health insurance and daily expenses.”

Theresa Mayer, M.Sc. Management


Would you like to support KLU students by making a donation to the Deutschlandstipendium? For detailed information on the Deutschlandstipendium at KLU, more statements from our scholarship holders, and information on how to donate, please visit: Deutschlandstipendium at KLU

See also Part I of our series, in which six additional scholarship holders share their experiences.

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