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Since 2020 KLU students have been offering professional business consulting through their initiative advisupply. In our conversation, President Frederico De Ponte describes advisupply’s beginnings and growth, and how both the students and companies equally benefit from consulting.

Three KLU students founded advisupply in 2020. After its start-up phase, advisupply has grown to 20 permanent members, all KLU students. Now the team advises clients such as Kühne+Nagel, Voigt Logistik, the game-based sports platform fanciety, and KLU Career & Alumni Services. In addition to their first paid projects, they also have established solid partnerships, as with the consultancy INVERTO. advisupply organizes regular workshops open to all KLU students. An official founding of the association is currently in planning.

Federico De Ponte, President of advisupply, is a founding member.

KLU: Federico, what characterizes working at advisupply for you?

Federico De Ponte: "Testing and broadening your knowledge in practice is very different to studying for uni. I’ve learned a tremendous amount. What does the customer want? How do we best present ourselves? How do we prepare for questions? In the end, only good results count, so the customer is satisfied and we get recommended. That’s different to just getting a good grade."

What are your specialties?

"So far we’ve had a lot of projects with companies in the logistics sector, but the projects themselves weren’t always only about logistics. Our studies give us great breadth. After graduation a lot of us work in completely different sectors. So we’re open to all companies."

How does teamwork function?

"Our structure and regular meetings resemble a ‘real’ consultancy’s operations, even if it’s not a full-time job. I think it’s great preparation for working life."

What constitutes student consultancies like yours? Why should companies decide for you?

"With our various degree programs we’re very diverse, and we’ve gained expertise on various subjects that interest companies. Our international backgrounds equip the team with different perspectives and experiences. I think we have a fresh mindset and energy that’s very positive for the projects. And maybe we have some extra heart and soul."

What are your future plans?

"Above all we’d like to promote advisupply more and establish ourselves. To do so, we’re expanding our collaboration with other student consultancies. And we’re working on expanding our corporate network. In addition to partnerships we’re always looking for new customers interested in collaborating."

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