CHE University Ranking 2017: Green dots for KLU

KLU shows up with lots of green dots in the CHE Ranking

The latest CHE University Ranking is now available and KLU students have given their university high ratings. In each of the relevant main criteria (academic studies and and teaching, international orientation, job market and career orientation, and equipment), KLU consistently appears in the top group. In other words, KLU shows up with lots of green dots in the CHE Ranking.

The students at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) are especially satisfied with the support they receive from their professors (“Teacher support”). They have given their university a rating of 1.4 on this point. No other university in Germany received a better rating. The student-to-teacher ratio at KLU is currently 12 students to one professor (as of May 2017). And when it comes to “Support in studies,” KLU students also feel optimally supported.  

The university received another green dot (rating 1.3) in the category “Support for stays abroad.” In this category, students rate the appeal of the exchange program and partner universities, support and counseling during preparation for their stay abroad, and the extent to which they can apply credits earned abroad to their total at KLU. Again, no other German university had a better rating.A semester abroad at one of the more than 50 partner universities is a component of all degree programs at KLU.

And according to its students, KLU is top of the class (rating 1.3) for “Research orientation.” This includes teaching scientific work methods, suggestions for personal critical reflection, reference to primary research results in classes, and training scientific thinking in general. The students’ rating for reference to science also reflects the current recommendation of the German Science Council in favor of giving KLU the right to confer PhD degrees.

In the category “Job market preparation,” the students at KLU also gave their university a top rating of 1.4. Here, students assessed how well supported they feel with regard to career orientation and job market entry. At KLU, each student must attend a structured workshop and coaching program to help them find the right job for their skills and orientation. Ninety percent of KLU graduates sign their first contract with an employer within six months of graduation.

Dr. Thomas Strothotte, President of Kühne Logistics University, is pleased with the results: “The CHE Ranking is a great aid for many potential students during the degree program and university selection process. It shows where current students are most satisfied with their overall study situation, the extent to which the programs have an international orientation, and the level of contact to professional practice. And even more importantly: The results are based on answers from other students. Of course I’m proud of the many green dots KLU received – we are consistently in the top group. To me, the CHE Ranking is also a measure of the university administration’s performance. KLU obviously has an outstanding team!”

The CHE Ranking is the most comprehensive, detailed university ranking in the German-speaking region. In addition to information on degree programs, teaching, and equipment, the ranking reflects students’ assessment of the general conditions related to studying at their university. Over 300 universities, 2,700 departments, 10,000 courses, 30 subjects, and student ratings – the CHE University Ranking provides a comprehensive, established source of information for German- or English speakers looking for a place to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. The range of criteria assessed is wide and varies depending on the subject.

View KLU's CHE ranking results.