IJOPM Outstanding Paper Award for Professor Moritz Petersen

Professor Moritz Petersen along with Professors Sebastian Brockhaus (John Carroll University) and Michael Knemeyer (The Ohio State University) has been awarded this year's Outstanding Paper Award from the International Journal of Operations and Productions Management. The IJOPM presented them with the award for their research on "trickle-down" sustainability requirements in product development.

The study aimed to explore the gap between companies' strategic sustainability goals and their operational product development initiatives. Up until now, most sustainable products have been confined to niche markets rather than becoming mainstream. For their survey, the authors interviewed thirty-two consumer goods manufacturers. “Many companies still assume that their sustainability visions and goals will magically ‘trickle down’ into their production and supply chain. This is not the case. To move the needle on product sustainability, companies have to go through a quite demanding codification process. Only then can high-level sustainability goals be translated into more sustainable products for the mass market,” says Professor Petersen.

The International Journal of Operations and & Productions Management investigates the opportunities, challenges, and frontiers of developing and implementing strategies. Furthermore, it examines the systems, processes, and practices involved with operations and supply chain management.


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