KLU Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

As it embarks on its second decade, KLU is continuing to grow and develop in the areas of research, teaching, and continuing education. This is also reflected in the most recent faculty appointments. We welcome four new professors for quantitative methods, corporate sustainability, finance, and maritime logistics. What is it that everyone should really know about these research areas? Well, that is exactly what they told us.

I research and teach…

Prof. Alexa Burmester: … methodological challenges in the analysis of empirical data (quantitative methods). I focus on digitalization, sustainability and marketing.

Prof. Johannes Meuer: … Corporate Sustainability, or more specifically the role and responsibility companies have in and for the environment and society.

Prof. Shushu Liao: … Corporate Finance, Finance and Labor, Financial Stability, CEO behavior and financial well-being as a driver of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier: … maritime geography and economics (including ecological challenges), port management (i.e. energy efficiency or transparency), international logistics, management of digital transformation, new technologies, and net zero freight transport options (esp. electric waterborne, road freight). My research focus is on emerging markets, particularly in Latin America.

One thing about my field of research that everyone should know is ...

Prof. Alexa Burmester: … that with quantitative methods an unexpected event can occur in spite of there being a very low probability.

Prof. Johannes Meuer: … that corporate sustainability is first and foremost vibrant, challenging, and crucial. It's vibrant because the topics continue to develop at rapid pace. It’s challenging, because in addition to business management, you also have to have scientific, technical, and sometimes even philosophical knowledge. And lastly, it’s crucial because time is running out and companies are the linchpin of climate change.

Prof. Shushu Liao: … that financial strategies which are supposed to be optimal under normal circumstances may not guarantee a good outcome during economic turmoil. Hence my research also speaks to the issue of what corporate reforms can be made to temper firm responses to market turbulences. This may include factors like the psychology of executives or the environmental well-being of the firm.

Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier: … that we are challenged to understand the system complexities. Whether it is research in the port/shipping sector in Hamburg or analyzing value chains based on nautical electromobility in remote areas of Latin America, the challenge is to understand, analyze, and interpret complex situations and developments.

KLU is the right choice for me …

Prof. Alexa Burmester: … because the contact with students is very personal and enables me to use innovative teaching methods. Cooperating with companies generates practical relevance. When it comes to research, KLU focuses on the socially highly relevant areas of sustainability and digitization, which offers me an ideal research environment.

Prof. Johannes Meuer: … because it’s not good enough anymore to just make your own products, processes, and business models more sustainable. Companies need to understand the influence they have in value chains. With its fields of expertise in logistics and leadership, KLU is the ideal environment for me.

Prof. Shushu Liao: … because it allows me to work in an international environment with an atmosphere of collegiality and community. Besides, the faculty members deliver high-quality research output, which provides a very positive collaborative research environment for me as someone who aims to explore outside the area of finance. And last but not least, KLU is located in a beautiful city.

Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier: … because of its people and interdisciplinary research structure. It is one of the few places, if not the only one, where logistics is thought about, taught and researched from so many different angles. Further, its boutique size gives it a personal touch, which is complemented by an international atmosphere.

Mehr informationen:

Dr. Alexa Burmester, Assistant Professor of Applied Quantitative Methods
Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier, Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics
Dr. Shushu Liao, Assistant Professor of Finance
Dr. Johannes Meuer, Associate Professor for Sustainable Operations, Co-Direktor des KLU-Forschungszentrums Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS)