LogisticsTech Talks at KLU: The Last Mile

Last-mile delivery makes start-up founders dream and logistics experts despair?! On Monday, December 12, 2022, the LogisticsTech Talks community met at the KLU campus. Three top experts from Bringoo, Circus Kitchens, and Unilever shared their insights into last-mile delivery and their business models.

For the first time, the established LogisticsTech Talks took place on the KLU campus. Philip Mordecai, Founder and Host of LogisticsTech Talks and Director of Orbit.do opened the event in KLU’s auditorium for the evening’s guests: Bringoo, Circus Kitchens, and Unilever. Each had the opportunity to make a pitch, including their views on the development of last-mile delivery, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with the audience. "The corona crisis has highlighted the demand for last-mile services. That's why many new ideas have emerged specifically in the food delivery sector. The two companies Circus Kitchens and Bringoo are good examples of this,” said Hanno Friedrich, Associate Professor of Freight Transportation - Modelling and Policy at KLU.

Helge Plehn (Circus Kitchens) started the evening. Circus Kitchens combines gourmet cuisine and last-mile logistics, so it has its own kitchens; it not only delivers but also cooks the meals for customers. They aim to be more affordable and healthier than their competitors. Their biggest challenge is currently the search for additional drivers.

Christian Puell (Bringoo) went next. Bringoo delivers to customers directly from retail stores without its own warehouses. All that’s needed to join the team is a smartphone. To expand, Bringoo selects local partners and uses existing infrastructure. A current highlight: Christmas tree delivery straight from a local provider.

Bernhard Selders (Unilever) closed the evening by sharing Unilever’s views on the future of quick commerce. The tenor: the business is here to stay but needs to change, mainly due to huge profitability challenges. Extending delivery windows to batch orders or improvements to assortments could be ways to ensure the future of the sector.

LogisticsTech Talks was presented by Orbit.do, KLU, LogisticsSummit, and Plug and Play.

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