Master Degree in International Maritime Law and Logistics to be launched for the first time worldwide

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The IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) in Malta will launch a Master of Science in International Maritime Law and Logistics (IMLLog) degree in October 2016 in cooperation with Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg.

Until the accreditation process has been completed at KLU, IMLI will be the degree-granting institution. This unique program, which is being offered at the post-graduate level for the first time, is targeted to maritime professionals. In addition to a thorough understanding of logistics and maritime operations, the global economy now requires them to be familiar with the nuances and provisions of current and upcoming maritime regulations.

IMLLog program is about dealing with the challenges of moving goods and people by sea including in situations of humanitarian relief, learning about customs procedures, port organization and operations, international treaties and their effect on operations at sea, and helping organize shipping routes, taking the legal implications of human rights laws into consideration and have the answer when cargo is damaged or lost.

When asked about the importance of the program, Professor Thomas Strothotte, President of KLU stated that “This degree qualifies to master groundbreaking logistics and legal challenges related to all maritime issues”; whereas Professor Attard, Director of IMLI noted that  “It provides the students with the necessary skills for assessing the financial implications of legal decisions in logistics and to understand how this fast-paced field has become a building block of modern society”. 

The two Institutions of higher learning will co-organize the two-year, full-time Master of Science Degree program combining International Maritime Law and Maritime and Humanitarian Logistics. With this partnership program the Institutions are responding to the call of governments and representatives of industry around the world who need persons educated in international legal matters pertaining to the sea but also need to understand the complex industrial use of the sea for services and for the transportation of goods.

This intensive English language taught program is divided into two parts: international maritime law courses will be taught primarily at IMLI, and logistics and leadership courses will be taught primarily at KLU. In this regard, students will spend the first academic year studying in Malta and the second in Hamburg. The first intake will start on 1st October 2016 and finish its study on 31st July 2018.

The application process for the new degree program will start on February 1, 2016. For further information please see:

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