UPDATE: Coronavirus: Measures taken


A new version of KLU's Hygiene Plan came into effect Thursday, January 13th 2022.

As of Monday, January 17, 2022, the KLU campus will only be accessible according to 2G requirements, i.e. a proof of status of vaccination or convalescence has to be demonstrated. For this purpose, a turnstile with a QR code scanner will be installed in the KLU lobby. All members of the university, as well as guests and service providers will have to present a digital proof of their status in order to be admitted to the building.

Please note that despite 2G operations, the requirement to wear a mask in all public areas as well as in teaching on campus will stay in place.

KLU Hygiene Plan (English Version)
KLU Hygiene Plan (German Version)



A new version of KLU's Hygiene Plan came into effect Friday, October 15th, 2021.

This version includes some minor editorial revisions, and the following updates:

  • 3G requirements for on campus teaching (section 1 and in particular section 8)
  • Loosening of distance requirement of 1,5 m (section 2 – keeping distance if possible)
  • New quarantine requirement for inbound travellers from areas of variants of concern (section 3)



A new version of KLU's Hygiene Plan came into effect on Monday, July 5th 2021.

  • Loosening of testing and self-quarantine requirements for vaccinated and recovered persons (e.g. in section 2 and 14)
  • Updated regulation for shared office use in section 4
  • The KLU student lounge will be opened again (formerly section 4)
  • Contact lists in the university library and for on campus classes are not required anymore (formerly in sections 8 and 10).
  • The KLU Gym will be reopened (new section 9)
  • Regulations for on campus events have been updated (section 11)



A new version of KLU's Hygiene Plan will come into effect on Monday, March 29th. In this version we have added SARS-CoV-2 rapid testing on KLU campus (new section 3, and respective additions to section 7, 14 and 15).

  • KLU will provide rapid testing kits on campus starting from Monday, March 29
  • Every member of KLU has the possibility to take up to two tests per week
  • For participants of face to face meetings (with more than two participants) and for on campus events, prior test taking is mandatory
  • Test kits of up to five tests will be handed out at the KLU reception

Please observe that irrespective of the possibility of rapid testing on campus, the request to work from home to the maximum possible extent will stay in place until further notice.


The current mode of teaching and working at KLU has been extended. Teaching will be delivered online only, and the recommendations for working from home to the maximum extend possible will stay in place for the time being.

KLU will revise the status after the Easter holidays, and release restrictions if th legal and pandemic situation allows this.

Please find attached the most recent updates on the KLU Hygiene Plan.

The updates comprise mainly editorial changes, and now also include the requirements to wear exclusively masks complying with medical standards on KLU campus (as previously communicated).



Following current directives from the Hamburg authorities, the requirement to wear masks has been extended to wearing exclusively medical masks (e.g. FFP2, KN95 or surgical face masks). Community masks will no longer be sufficient to access and stay on KLU campus. In case you don’t carry a medical mask with you, please get in touch with our reception. They will provide you a medical mask.


As the number of COVID-19 infections in Hamburg are increasing, KLU has decided to take further measures in alignment with the current guidelines of the Hamburg authorities. Therefore, please notice the updated version of KLU’s Hygiene Plan to limit the spread of pathogens and maintain interim operations at Kühne Logistics University with regard to SARS-CoV-2 (the Corona Pandemic).

Important Updates:

  • Following the recommendations of the authorities, the University Management adapts its policies with respect to working from home, and actively asks all faculty, staff and PhD students to work from home to the maximum possible extent. This request will apply at least until January 15, 2021, and may be extended depending on the situation of the pandemic.
  • All teaching will be again moved online, campus teaching will be temporarily discontinued with the start of the new semester on January 18, 2021.

With these decisions, KLU wants to contribute to improving the local pandemic situation. As soon as safely possible, KLU will get back to normal operations.


Update 27.10.2020

As the number of COVID-19 infections in Hamburg are increasing, KLU has decided to take further measures for the second quarter in alignment with the current guidelines of the Hamburg authorities.

Moving Courses Online; Masks During Lectures

In the second quarter, KLU will move most courses online. In order to maintain the on-campus experience for all students, at least one course per class will be held on campus. Courses held on campus will continue to be in hybrid format. Hybrid format means students who are not able to be on campus can either live stream the course or watch the recording at a later time. Recordings as well as access information for the live sessions will be available online.

For additional safety measures on campus, it is now obligatory for students and lecturers to wear masks also during the lectures. There will be regular fresh-air periods during lectures. Additionally, the distribution and implementation of the CoronaTracers has also started.

These updates are subject to further changes depending on the development of the COVID-19 situation and corresponding directives of the Hamburg authorities.

Contact Trackers on Campus

In addition, KLU has decided to introduce contact trackers on campus that will help to trace COVID19 infections in the KLU community in a more efficient and faster way. As of October 16, 2020, the trackers are available at the reception. By introducing the CoronaTracers, KLU will increase the ability to react to COVID-19 infections on campus and will be faster in identifying persons at risk. This will help to create a safer environment for everyone in the KLU community.

KLU Campus can only be accessed when visibly wearing a tracker. KLU students, staff, faculty, and PhD students will receive a tracker on a permanent basis. Visitors will receive trackers for the duration of their stay on KLU Campus.
Campus Management will register every tracker ID with the recipient. This data will be kept confidential, and only be used in cases of confirmed COVID-19 infections.

In case of a confirmed COVID-19 infection, affected individuals are requested to send notification of their status to corona@the-klu.org.


Update 13.10.2020

Due to the recent developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus, all travelers from both international and national risk areas need to self-quarantine for at least five days, and then take a (negative) COVID-19 test before being admitted to the KLU campus. (If no test is taken, a minimum quarantine period of 14 days is required.) These regulations also apply to teaching staff and external visitors.


Update 15.07.2020

Just in time for the start of the Fall semester 2020/2021, KLU classrooms are reopening for face-to-face teaching. Campus has been open again for public and students since July 15th as the university has been able to successfully implement a binding hygiene plan. This comes after the fourth quarter of the previous academic year being taught completely online as a response to Covid-19 crisis. Several additional measures had needed to be taken to ensure safety and health of KLU students, staff, and guests in order to guarantee as little impact as possible on university operations. Read on to find out what major adjustments are in store for the upcoming semester.

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Update 18.03.2020

For the protection of our students, staff and guests and to contain the spread of the coronavirus as effectively as possible as part of our social responsibility, the management of KLU has decided to close the campus starting from Monday, March 23. The campus will be shut down initially for one week. Information on a possible prolongation of this period will be given in due time.  

KLU will remain fully operational during this period. All teaching for our students is moved online, professors and staff continue to work from home.

All measures already taken will remain in effect (see below). For all measures, our priorities are to protect our students, staff and guests, and for our students to have as little interruption to their studies as possible.


Update 16.03.2020

In view of the current developments regarding the coronavirus and in accordance with the General Ruling of the Hamburg Senate for the containment purposes of the coronavirus in Hamburg, KLU will cancel or postpone all events on KLU campus until the end of May. Event partners and participants will be informed about the next steps by the organizers.
For all further events later this year, decisions will be made and communicated in a timely manner.

All measures already taken will remain in effect (see below). For all measures, our priorities are to protect our students, staff and guests, and for our students to have as little interruption to their studies as possible.

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General ruling for the containment purposes of the Coronavirus in Hamburg


Update 13.03.2020

In view of the current developments regarding the coronavirus the management of KLU has decided that KLU will move all teaching online and cease in situ teaching for the 4th quarter of this academic year. Online teaching will start this coming Monday, March 16 and is expected to continue for the entire quarter.

All measures already taken remain in force (see below). Priority of this measures is the protection of our students, staff and guests with as little interruption as possible for the studies of our students. KLU remains committed to give our students the best educational experience we can, given the circumstances.


Coronavirus measures taken 11.02.2020

Against the background of the coronavirus infections occurring in China and now also in Germany, the university management of KLU has taken various measures to protect their relatives and guests and to minimize the impact on the students.

  • All kinds of student exchanges, semesters abroad and study trips to China are currently halted, suspended or postponed.
  • The priority is for all students to have as little interruption for their studies as possible.
  • This particularly effects the international Master’s program (TriCon). The students will stay in Hamburg for now instead of travelling to our partner university in China as originally planned (more information).
  • KLU is in close consultation with its partner universities to coordinate the further procedure, according to recommendations of national and international authorities (e.g. WHO).

KLU members are asked to refrain from all non-essential travels.


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