KLU guarantees that all successful applicants will be able to begin their studies at KLU as scheduled this coming fall semester. Should individual students not be able to be in Hamburg physically due to coronavirus restrictions, the entire course catalogue will initially be made available online for all participants worldwide. Students can join classes in person as soon as feasible. Read more!

In line with public universities in Germany we have decided to prolong our admission deadline to August 15 to give equal access and opportunity to all students wishing to pursue their further education in Germany.

As the German Abitur (high school leaving certificate) is held to such a high standard, it is often quite difficult for international applicants to meet the equivalent. With international high school diplomas, direct entry is usually not an option. In order to bridge the gap, KLU offers students the opportunity to complete our Preparation Program at our partner institution Berlin International College in Berlin.

For business studies you take a combination of subject courses, as well as introductory German (identified as a necessity by the state). The program prepares you for the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP), which is an entry exam conducted in Hamburg. You will take the FSP at the end of the program, and upon passing you will be eligible to start your Bachelor studies at KLU. 

If you are interested in this program, please enquire by sending an email to study@the-klu.org.

Due to COVID-19, we want to assure you that the classes and the language classes could be offered online. If there should be delays due to the current situation, it is even conceivable that the German examinations can be taken in the home country. Therefore, we encourage you to still apply according to your plan to start with us in the fall, knowing KLU is flexible due to the current situation. For more information on KLUs response to covid-19, click here.


QualificationUniversity admission examination / Feststellungsprüfung (granting you the qualification necessary to study the BSc in Business Administration at KLU)
Duration10 months full-time*

11.360€ (Preparation program including A1 and A2 German)

6.816€* (Preparation program without German courses - must be able to prove at least German A2 language knowledge)


Full-time preparatory course (W-Kurs) for students that do not meet the criteria to study in Germany

  • Subject-related classes
  • German language course, up to A2

Please apply via the online application. Please apply directly for the Preparation Program. Our Admissions team will check your eligiblity for the Preparation Program and the Bachelors of Science. Successful admission will be granted for both programs.

Please note:

It is possible to apply for our Preparation Program (for students not eligible to study directly at the Bachelors level in Germany). You are welcome to first do an initial check on the DAAD website, but we encourage all interested applicants to apply. If you are requiring the German Language courses please entuire with study@the-klu.org, and apply as soon as possible.
If you already have, or are able to get a German language certificate, then the application deadline is July 31st.

Additional language requirements are needed before the start of the program:

  • All Students: Minimum C1 English Language skills  (with proof)
  • Students planning the shortened program: Minimum A2 German Language skills (with proof)  *

The Preparation Program is generally for international students who do not meet the criteria to study directly at the university level in Germany, or who have the wrong combination of courses in the IB Diploma.


Berlin International College in Berlin

Current Timeline

Please note these are approximate dates. If making travel arrangements, please first confirm with us.

  • 10.2020 – 12.2020 Studienkolleg (Subject courses) / Part 1
  • 01.2021 – 04.2021 Studienkolleg (Subject courses) / Part 2
  • 05.2021 – 06.2021 Feststellungsprüfung (Final examinations)  

We encourage students to take Germen lauguage, up to A2, before teh start of the program. This allows for a shortened program, and more flexiblity. For more information please email study@the-klu.org or call +49 40 328 707-160.


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Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (BSc & Preparation Program)

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Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (BSc & Preparation Program)

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Head of Student Advising and Enrollment