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In Port & Learning


In Port and Learning: KLU Stories will bring you the most fascinating stories lived in (and out) of our beautiful Campus in Hamburg. We can proudly say that we have some of the most incredible students and alumni. Young people who are a never-ending source of inspiration and who we are sure we will see in the future covers of Time, at the least :) Seriously! Follow In Port and Learning on Spotify.

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Who's behind the Podcast?

The host

Patricia Bendala is the author of our blog and also one of the team members of our KLU Student Recruitment. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, she shares our passion for traveling and studying abroad, having herself spent a year abroad in Germany during her bachelor’s and a semester abroad in New York while doing her master’s. She completed her studies in Journalism and Communications in Madrid, and has since worked more than five years in the media, including more than two years as a journalist and broadcaster at the Spanish National Radio. Patricia has been part of the KLU family since January 2021.

The producers

A lot of work is needed for a good interview. Assisting the host in the first season of this podcast we have our former Lead Student Ambassador Laura Guaglini. A natural fast-learner, Laura put together all her outstanding organizational skills to coordinate the guests, the scripts, the set-up for recording, and all the little details that happen behind the scenes. She acted as the knot that holds all the strings together. Laura graduated KLU in 2022. 

The sound-technician

Right from the film sets of New York City our expert sound technician Christopher Esterguard studied Radio Broadcasting in the US and has over 9 years experience working in sound, first as a radio producer and on-air personality, shifting later towards sound-mixing in the film and tv industries in New York. He is the master behind the high-quality of sound of our podcast.