Individuality counts

What our deans are saying

Why was KLU’s performance in the CHE rankings outstanding?

KLU is not big – it’s not a university for the masses. Here, individuality, a small number of students per class, and direct contact to professors are what count. Our professors cover almost all of the teaching assignments themselves. The students are accompanied by first-class services ranging from program coordination and the International Office to Career Services. Our students are very aware of this, and it is reflected in our rankings. The fact that 50% of our students come from abroad ensures that the atmosphere at KLU is lively – something you don’t find every day.

What is special about KLU?

At KLU, research-oriented education goes hand in hand with practice, a combination that is rare in the areas of logistics and management. Actually, there is no other university like it in the world. As part of the undergraduate degree program, our students have to complete a three-month internship in a company. This often leads to an annual project or a master’s thesis. We give them theoretical knowledge and at the same time, the opportunity to apply it in the real world. KLU also features obligatory semesters abroad.

What will KLU work on in the near future to become even better?

In 2015, we will set up our IT laboratory and a new professor for computer science in logistics will reinforce our research and teaching. We will also develop our excellent lecture series further. Held by selected experts, the lectures provide authentic insight into practical issues relating to the economy or the research of other scientific institutions worldwide. This widens the students’ horizons. I would also like to have a larger selection of elective courses.

Which aspect of the CHE rankings made you the happiest?

They showed that our overall presence is coherent and the students appreciate our programs. Otherwise we would not have been able to be one of the top universities in all the main criteria.

By Ulrich Vetter