Hollywood in HafenCity

KLU Movie Night

There was definitely glamour in the air as the guests attending the first KLU Movie Night proceeded along the red carpet. The KLU MSc programs students had written, directed, and produced their own short films and October 13 was the official release date. Twenty-three films entered the competition for the prestigious “KLU Oscars”.

The films shown at the KLU Movie Night are the results of the Leadership and Organizational Behavior course taught by Niels Van Quaquebeke and Christian Tröster. “We wanted to bring our course content to life and to this end, we assigned the students to very diverse teams,” said Van Quaquebeke to explain the unusual approach. “This helped them to understand what it means to work together interdependently across different cultures. And they also had to decide how to proceed as a team to ultimately achieve the common objective: producing a great movie.”

And indeed, the movies were great! The students’ movies covered the influence of psychology in the business world based on topics such as motivation, decision-making, intelligence, and justice. The list also included more negative things like stress, prejudice, and discrimination. Some movies were like thrillers, and some were like love stories. Some were even cartoon style.

“It was intriguing to see how the students set to work,” Tröster said. “Not only did they have to grasp the theoretical concepts themselves, but they also had to devise a way to visualize them. Some of the ideas and points of view they developed were really innovative.”

The guests at KLU Movie Night shared his opinion. An audience of around 120 people applauded the short films the MSc students presented. The professors had a hard time picking the best film in each category among the many excellent submissions. But they both agreed on one thing: This definitely must be repeated next year. A tradition is born … for the Leadership and Organizational Behavior course!

The winners of the first “KLU Oscars” are:

  • Best Picture: Perceptions by Donald Stokovac, Joacim Svärd, Alexandra von Heyl, Alwina Weckerle
  • Most Entertaining: Personality by Hanna Feller, Olle Albrektson, Priya Ranjan
  • Best Acting: Values by Nina Wagner, Meike Maria Schomaker, Carlos Rodriguez Flick, Geoffrey Cain Tani
  • Best Visual Effects: Organizational Culture by Alice Viganò, Hema Priya Venkateswaran, Norman Wuest
  • Best Costume: Stereotypes by Rhys Hange, Marie Klose, Hizir Ali Düzgün, Nolwenn Abiven
  • Best Make-Up: Stress by Anna Wald, Perrine Robert, Felix Sklenarz, Valentina Spessotto

Congratulations and thank you all for a great night at the movies!