Urban Mobility: KLU at the ITS World Congress

ITS Congress group photo on stairs

What solutions are there for the urban mobility of tomorrow? Researchers and students from Kühne Logistics University (KLU) will present their ideas at the ITS World Congress for Intelligent Mobility and Connected Transport from October 11 to 15, 2021.

Research: Zero-Emission Urban Logistics

Zero-emission logistics is the theme of the ZUKUNFT.DE project presentation held by Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel and Senior Researcher Dr. Steffen Pottel. They have developed an algorithm that finds the most effective route for electric transporters and thus optimizes last-mile delivery in inner cities in an environmentally friendly way. The result is that costs are minimized while taking into account changing traffic conditions and congestion, and the range of the vehicles is increased by charging options along the way. The paper was selected as one of only 100 for the ITS out of 900 scientific publications that were submitted.

ITS Young Mobility: Artificial Intelligence in Mobility and Logistics

Artificial intelligence in mobility and logistics - that was the topic of this year's KLU Boot Camp led by Prof. André Ludwig in September. International students from different universities worked in six teams to develop solutions for three case studies from KLU's partners Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Jenoptik AG, and Egis. Technology partner IBM provided them with current digital tools, e.g. special image recognition software. The teams' results were convincing as all of them were invited to present their solutions once again at the ITS World Congress. The topics of the case studies included the efficient use of parking space, smart vehicle tolls, and the optimized use of urban loading zones.

eHighway: Präsentation & Diskussion mit Siemens

With the eHighway project, Siemens is working on solutions for electrified road freight transport. A session on this topic will be moderated by J. Rod Franklin, Ph.D., Logistics Professor and Academic Director of KLU Executive Education. Siemens Mobility aims to power trucks via an electrified overhead line, aiming for a more reliable and environmentally friendly road transport system.

KLU Event Series FutureLab Mobility

Across five sessions since 2019, the KLU event series FutureLab Mobility in cooperation with the German Transport Journal (DVZ) has been in preparations for the ITS World Congress. Topics have included delivery traffic on the (pre-)last mile, commercial traffic in cities, the mobility revolution in Hamburg, and new perspectives for urban mobility of the future from Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris.
Video Archive: https://www.the-klu.org/landingpages/forum-zukunftslabor-mobilitaet/

Trade show and free Public Day on October 14

In addition to events for the registered participants at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), a free public day will also be held for everyone on Thursday, October 14.
Public Day website: www.itsweltkongress.hamburg

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