Financial Management for Sustainable Value

Degree program: MBA

This course is an introduction to the international markets in which firms operate, and provides students with an understanding of the important international economic factors and relationships that can affect a multinational firm. The material covered in this course will be used to assess the risk of the economic environment in which multinational firms operate and to examine the decisions facing financial managers in a global environment and the tools used in making those decisions. The topics include foreign currency exchange rates, arbitrage and parity conditions, currency risk management, cross-border valuation and financing in the global market.

While the course is not designed to dwell on abstraction, the basic theoretical underpinnings of the various topics are a prerequisite to competent analysis and discussion. We emphasize the development of problem-solving skills based on a good understanding of the business environment. Because of the practical importance of the material and as an illustration of the relevant theory, we will discuss examples and cases. This will also involve some computations and quantitative reasoning.

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Offered by External lecturer