Plan your studies

Studying in Germany at KLU is the right decision for career-conscious people. German universities and the German educational system are world class, recognized by employers around the world. In Germany, you will be able to go about your business freely, without having to worry about special security measures: this a safe country for all students. And the port city of Hamburg is especially cosmopolitan and tolerant. The cost of living in Germany is moderate in comparison to other European countries, although Hamburg is not the cheapest place in the country. Germany has a strong economy and a robust job market.

Many of the international students at KLU use the university as a springboard for their career in Germany. After receiving your degree, you can stay in Germany for 18 months – enough time to find the ideal job. Please note: For graduates who are not proficient in German, the job selection is limited. You’ll have to speak German. We cooperate with a language school in Hamburg that offers classes for KLU Master students. You are responsible for the course fees but if you pass the course we will reimburse 2/3 of the cost. Bachelor students can choose German as a foreign language as part of their curriculum.