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Professor Dr. Joern Meissner, Professor of Supply Chain Management & Pricing Strategy

Teaching at KLU

Information Systems & Decision Support (MSc)

Transferring knowledge on how new information technologies are used in logistics, the course mentions numerous examples and case studies of practical relevance. Students will also learn about the opportunities that these technologies offer and will be able to weigh up the specific advantages and disadvantages by industrial environment.

Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management (MSc)

Pricing strategy and revenue optimization – or revenue management as the latter is also called – focus on how a firm should set and update pricing and product availability decisions across its various selling channels in order to maximize its profitability. The use of such strategies has transformed the transportation and hospitality industries, and has become increasingly important in retail, telecommunications, entertainment, financial services, health care and manufacturing.

IT Laboratory (MSc)

The course aims to give students a comprehensive overview of the best-known and most widely used enterprise planning systems SAP and/or Oracle. By the end of the course, students will have acquired a command of the software’s basic functionalities and gained an overview of its potentials.  

Controls and Measurements for Operational Excellence (EMBA)

To ensure efficient activities of groups and operations which are spread across the globe requires that effective control systems be implemented and used to manage the efforts of the organization. Students will learn about lean operations, just-in-time operations, time-based competition, how to analyze operations to improve efficiency, how to ensure that operations continuously improve, the numerous theories of management control, how to identify appropriate control systems for different organization types and requirements, how to link control systems to corporate strategies, how to align objectives throughout an organization to ensure that strategies are met, and how to use control systems as early warning systems.

Managing Operations in a World of Constraints (EMBA)

This course will provide a general introduction to operations management. Along with Finance and Marketing, Operations is one of the three primary functions of a firm. Looking at these functions in their most basic form, it can be said that Finance contributes capital to the firm, Marketing creates demand for a product, and Operations produces the product. The recurring activities of a firm that make up Operations Management generally span the entire organization. Therefore the realm of operations management expands well beyond just managing factories. This course will teach the students the basics of operations management, how to define key business processes and establish their performance objectives, how to analyze operations to improve efficiency, how to develop inventory strategies to meet demand requirements, how to manage capacity, and the basics of inventory management.