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Professor Günter Lang, Adjunct Professor of Economics

Prof. Dr. Günter Lang

Adjunct Professor of Economics

Dr. Guenter Lang joined Kühne Logistics University as Adjunct Professor of Economics (part-time) at the Management Department in September 2014. He obtained his Ph.D. and his Habilitation in Economics from the University of Augsburg. Before joining KLU, he was Professor of Economics at the German University in Cairo, and visiting professor at the Technical University Ilmenau, the University of Klagenfurt (Austria), and the University of Augsburg. His professional experience includes lecture visits at the Munich Academy of Management, the Warsaw School of Economics, and the University of Bratislava.

His main research area is the empirical analysis primarily at the microeconomic level. In particular, Guenter Lang uses econometric methods to estimate the characteristics of firm technology and R&D, the degree of management (in-)efficiency, or the analysis of environmental problems like impacts of global warming. In complementary research, he is also interested in the analysis and optimal design of economic policy. The ISI Social Science Citation Index currently counts more than 100 citations of his journal publications.

In his role as Adjunct Professor at Kühne Logistics University, Guenter Lang's focus is on the high-quality education of the students in the field of Economics.


Prof. Dr. Günter Lang

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